Friday night, the Scorpio Moon sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. The mood has gravity and depth. It also has magnetism and confidence that confers the chutzpah needed to navigate, lead, or convince. It’s deeply sexy.

Since last time, Saturn and Jupiter have moved out of Capricorn and Venus has moved in. This particular aspect is a lot more fluid than it was a month ago, lower stakes and easier to initiate. Subtlety is a thing.

Venus is at zero Capricorn trine Mars at zero Taurus, exact Saturday but in effect all weekend. Going after what you want is particularly straightforward with both being in earth signs. Rewards come from hard work and direct action. We’re talking concrete steps not toil. Tangible desires tend to center around the body this weekend. Pleasure is easily attainable if you’re trying at all.

Mercury squares Mars from zero Aquarius. The wanting and the getting are in coordinated motion, but the planning and timing may be at cross purposes with the takeoff. In addition, Mercury moves into conjunction with Saturn and Jupiter as Mars heads into conjunction with Aquarius-ruler Uranus. There will be unexpected roadblocks and twists and turns to the road. Be prepared to adjust both speed and attitude. Maybe even altitude. Unexpected or uncharacteristic communications may complicate things as well. All weekend.

But remember, Venus trine Mars promises pleasure. It also feels good to try… whatever it is you’re trying. Fortune favors those who get up and go. If you’re waiting for a sign, you might miss your shot.

Venus also heads into square with Chiron. Are you getting what you want? Are you being who you really are? It’s a good time to put an end to the urge to people please when it’s hurting your development as a person with integrity. Consider this… it’s not going to work out well right now to pretend to be something you’re not. It could be what’s been holding you back from getting (and enjoying!) what you’re after.

Be yourself. Not being yourself isn’t actually going well. Could being yourself be worse? Right now it won’t be. Consider it an ongoing, long-term investment and begin. Mercury heads into sextile with Chiron with next week’s new moon. Get a head start on a fresh start.

Saturday night, the Sagittarius Moon moves over Juno and toward square to Neptune (exact Sunday). The mood is passionate and sociable, just enough zip to give and go – inspiring admirers to chase. Mars-Uranus/Mercury/Venus adds plenty of inspiration and exhilaration. An adventure through a foggy door.

Mercury conjoins Saturn, for attention to detail and a return to reliable, scientific methods that benefit all. Words have real meaning as we strive to connect through understanding. Agreement on a common base in reality is necessary to that understanding. Talking it out has to start somewhere.

Sunday morning the Moon-Neptune mood fog clears, but the heightened need for a romp remains. It carries that thread through the day as the Moon moves over the south node and the degree of the last (new moon) eclipse. How are we feeling on the other side of all that plot advancement? Is your new world still new; are you getting the hang of this?

Enjoy the juice and perhaps take a moment to communicate your joy as Mercury wings its way toward conjunction with Jupiter. A fresh philosophy is brewing and life still has some surprises to fold in. Is there something you’re just bursting to convey? Talking about it can bring it to life. It can also help to refine and change it in ways that improve its concrete value… though the process may be rocky or trippy (square to Uranus).

Do you have any weekend plans? Also, don’t overthrow the state; it’s wrong.


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