Friday evening, Mars stations direct in Aries. WHEW. This is a general relief, but Mars in Aries doesn’t rest on its laurels. Though forward movement will be slow by degree, action is strong. Move your body, stretch, breathe.

Friday night’s Scorpio Moon comes off a conjunction to Mercury and moves through opposition to Uranus. All weekend, Mercury heads into opposition with Uranus and its power steeps the next few days in plot twists. Well, if they were written in fiction, they’d be plot twists. What they really are would be more aptly termed exposes (do that little French accent thing… it’s fancy and makes it make sense). With the Moon’s illumination here, there’s a tug at emotion. What??

It’s often not new information that gives us that POP, but a new perspective. Or some lingering bit of info is added in a fresh way that whips our head as it sinks in. It’s not always surprise. Might you be surprised at the fact you’re nonplussed? You dig something up, it makes sense… but you’ve revolutionized how you see things. No more shock, perhaps. It’s a possibility. It’s also likely we see evidence against wrongdoing emerge in a bloodless setting. Dried blood I guess. If you’re shocked, you’re trailing the pack. So note that and catch up.

If someone shows you their cards, pack that info away and thank them. That’s power. New dirt is likely to stay cloaked a while, but it’s not on any of the old subjects. It’s not even in the ballpark.

The Scorpio Sun sextiles Pluto on Saturday, followed by a sextile to Jupiter. We’re putting some elements of the past in the rearview mirror while taking advantage of the spring in our step a novel path promises.

Saturday night, the Scorpio Moon trines Neptune, sextiles Pluto then Jupiter, and heads into conjunction with the Sun – the new moon. During the new moon, Venus in Libra closely squares Scorpio ruler Pluto, Venus semi-sextile to the lunation itself. We want what we want, with the power of a thousand suns. But there’s no point in pushing for it in a petulant way. Plant the seed and put your will on that. A stately presence is the power we need.

What do you want so very deeply now? In the time to come, don’t dig up that seed to see if it’s growing; you’ll interrupt the process. Plant it. Underground. Protected. If it’s meant to be, it will grow. Sunday morning, the new Scorpio Moon sextiles Saturn, an emotional investment. Venus closes its square to Pluto and heads into square with Jupiter. We want more, we chase more. But let the seed mature.

Direct Mars will square Capricorn Pluto again soon, so do the right thing NOW and on through that time. It’s worth the effort at self control. The right thing is often the difficult thing.

Sunday when the Moon hits Sagittarius, it picks up a trine to Aries Chiron. Mercury quincunxes Chiron all weekend long. Find a new interest or an interesting person. I’m not talking about romance – I mean something or something intriguing to draw you out of your own orbit around personal pain. Leave it in the past!

Get some advice from an expert or dig into research. Do you have a mentor? It used to be a mentor was a person and there was a bond established. Now, I suppose you could find that electronically, even impersonally. What matters is the drive to learn and grow, not for show but for fun. For excitement!

Take your mind off that seed and chase after something that genuinely fires you up… for your own betterment.

The new moon takes place at 23 Scorpio. Where does that hit your chart?

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