Friday night, the Aquarius Moon sextiles Mars in Aries. What a refreshing turn of events! It’s a pure and simple mood for delight, a personal urge that takes you higher. Experiment till you find satisfaction.

On Saturday, Venus moves from Libra to Scorpio and the Sun moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius. Desire gets powerful and slinky; the mode of the day becomes sporty and adventuresome.

This past week we’ve had Venus in cardinal square to the Capricorn stellium, with a whole lot of restriction on resources and love. Now through the coming week, Venus opposes Uranus. A shakeup is on the menu. Make it vital and beneficial or prepare to lose it. The tools are there to vitalize the subject, so don’t cling to the object if it is beyond repair and needs to go. Transformation sometimes means a new life, an end to this chapter. This doesn’t mean you lose. Open up to the possibilities.

Also happening in applying transits, Mercury in Scorpio is in orb of trine to Neptune. There’s plenty you know that you don’t consciously register. Let these revelations unfold internally as you see reflections across multiple synchronicities. It’s a gentle avenue to understanding and genuine belief. Even better than a passive approach is one that actively seeks out hidden depths.

Saturday night the Moon finishes up in Aquarius and heads into Pisces. It squares the Sun throughout the day as both change sign. Next week we have a dynamic eclipse, so now is a great time to take stock of mood and goals.

The Pisces Moon goes on to trine newly Scorpion Venus. Delicious. Deeply pleasurable. Subtly manipulative and it feels so good. Seek satisfaction.

Sunday morning, Scorpio Mercury quincunxes Mars in Aries. I’d say know when to call it quits, but it could be the type of night that’s worth making up for. Could be, might not be. Be SAFE.

Sunday’s Pisces Moon sextiles Uranus, a rejuvenating and poignant possibility. Sometimes the yearning is sweet and it’s just what we need to perk up the mood. Appreciate novel pleasures that pop up.

By nighttime, the Moon heads into conjunction with Neptune and trine to Mercury. Though not exact till morning, sweet dreams are likely. Follow the pull of your thoughts. Imagination is magic.

What are your weekend plans?


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