It’s Monday! Isn’t it always “Monday” lately? The afternoon Pisces Moon trines Mercury and Juno in early Scorpio. The mood puts an outrigger on the senses and mind, faster flow through a direct connection. Emotional support that floats. More passion, more inspired awakenings.

On Monday, Venus in Leo quincunxes Saturn (stationing direct) and trines retrograde Mars in Aries. Values are expressed in action… but more clearly in history. If you want to improve how you esteem yourself and how that affects your ability to make things happen in your life over time, address any difference between who you’d like to be and what you’re doing. Do you want to be kind? Is that a value you have? Do the things that people who are kind would do. Make that a commitment to your own value and integrity.

Retrograde Mars is closely square Saturn as Saturn stations then goes direct, exact overnight on into Tuesday. It’s not easy to act with integrity when you’ve let that slide, bit by bit in practice. In addition, we’re likely to run into snags that pop up due to the lack of clean action that’s heaped up around us over time that’s not even a direct effect of our own doing. What I’m saying is don’t expect things to go smoothly, but clean up as you go. It’s possible to set things right, or at least set them on the right track for a later fix.

Tuesday’s Pisces Moon sextiles Uranus then Jupiter and goes on to conjoin Neptune. the Libra Sun exactly opposes Chiron in Aries. Having integrity and building integrity into your life sounds like a simple choice, but there’s often pushback – from those close to you and from larger society. While we’re likely to feel vulnerable due to that fact, it presents an opportunity to dive in and use it to propel change. Is this all you’ve got? Ultimately it feels better to move into the future than it does to give in to painful expectations to remain the same.

Wednesday, the Moon finishes up in Pisces with a sextile to Pluto and Saturn. The Moon quincunxes Venus, drawing it into a past exact yod with Saturn. While brief, this aspect is an emotional reminder of the impact our values have on our emotional well being. If you’re not doing the right thing, your mood is likely to reflect the fact. If you’re on top of it, take the opportunity to fine tune. A Neptune-mood in aspect to Venus teeters between vulnerable angst and unparalleled pleasure. Saturn’s influence can solidify the value in that combination. Look for the emotional investment that leads to self esteem.

Thursday, the Aries Moon quincunxes Juno and Mercury and conjoins Chiron before heading into opposition to the Libra Sun. The mood’s taste for action may be thwarted by retrograde Mars still in square to Saturn and heading into square with Pluto. We want to GO and there’s not a lot of GO to access. It can feel volcanic. That feeling influences our thinking and interpretations of what we sense and understand (attitude). Jealousy can be sparked. We may have an urge to look into things that might not make us feel better. So don’t do that! No feeling is wrong, but act with integrity.

The afternoon’s full moon opposition to the Sun pulls in Chiron (past exact) and Capricorn Pallas Athena (exact overnight). We’ve had a chance to address our relationship to personal authenticity and will continue to observe the ingrained patterns over time. The ways in which we are damaged, traumatized, or separated from our true nature have become part of who we are. They become hard to separate from our self as we see it and how others see it.

The full moon illuminates this dichotomy: original vs current, observed vs lived reality. The positive challenge is to end inauthentic roles that no longer serve us, personally or in relationship. You can’t reach your full potential if you’re not using the actual tools you possess. Embracing your damage means claiming the wisdom and mastery it unlocks. You can’t be fully alive in relationship until you are genuine. Who can love you if they don’t know you?

There’s every ability to wise up and rise up. And every opportunity. Jump or be pushed.

Friday, the Aries Moon squares Jupiter, accelerating whatever trajectory the mood has taken. So jump up early and rise to meet the day in whatever way serves you best. By afternoon, Venus changes sign, leaving sunny Leo for practical Virgo. The earthy nature of Virgo is stable and discerning, but don’t understimate its value. While Virgo Venus benefits others through service, it also promotes pleasure through tangible means. It’s smart pleasure that delights the senses.

Venus in Virgo is ruled by Mercury in Scorpio, so this Virgo Venus is extra deep, dark, and delicious. The proximity of Juno adds passion and intensity. If you’ve longed for more sensual communications or wish for something you can touch and feel and embrace, this Venus-Mercury-Juno mix may provide that opportunity going forward.

Friday afternoon, the Aries Moon squares Pluto and conjoins Mars. It goes on to square Saturn. In the aftermath of the full moon, Mars matters and Mercury matters will take precedence with reactions and reacting to reactions. However, taking charge and regaining control of emotion and mood can actually churn up some feelings of mastery – even if you’re faced with chaos. It’s possible to create mental space in the middle of a battle. When all the actors are in motion, you can learn a LOT and collect valuable insights. Action can clear your head and invigorate the mood.

Thursday’s full moon takes place at 9 degrees Aries. Where does that hit your chart?


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