A stranger once told met I was a vicious woman.  She said that I was fooling myself to think or to state otherwise.

I don’t see myself as even remotely vicious but I decided to ask my husband what he thought. This is because the remark was made in regards to something I wrote about years ago, that concerned him.

My husband feels most women are vicious. Maybe even all women are vicious. I think this view is colored by his personal experience. He’s got a Scorpio Moon. I have Jupiter Moon.

I’m talking real life here, not the internet!  The inability to look someone in the face creates all kinds of problems. But speaking of my own real-life experience, I have met very few women I could call vicious, or even “mean” women for that matter.

I am not talking about a women reacting to someone coming after her family or to steal her man. I consider those things to be extraordinarily provocative. This is where a definition of “vicious” comes into play. It turns out my husband and I are not solid on what the word means.

In my mind, a vicious woman will hunt you. She’ll try to destroy you. You, your reputation, your livelihood, your family…it’s just a full on war. Blood sport. There are no lines she won’t cross.

I will defend myself with vigor, but once you’re off my property, that’s it. I am not going to follow you home, beat up your car, toilet paper your house, set traps for you, stalk you, mess with your reputation or any other damned thing.  Matter of fact, I am going to forget you as soon as humanly possible.

I give this to Jupiter Moon. I want to move on. I want to leave bad experiences behind. This part of my character makes it hard to for me to be “vicious” as I understand it.

From Dictionary.com

1. addicted to or characterized by vice; grossly immoral; depraved; profligate: a vicious life.
2. given or readily disposed to evil: a vicious criminal.
3. reprehensible; blameworthy; wrong: a vicious deception.
4. spiteful; malicious: vicious gossip; a vicious attack.
5. unpleasantly severe: a vicious headache.
6. characterized or marred by faults or defects; faulty; unsound: vicious reasoning.
7. savage; ferocious: They all feared his vicious temper.

What do you think of this. I don’t want to hear whether you think I am vicious or not. You don’t even know me. Are you vicious? How do you define it?

Do some people attract evil as a matter of course? I have a packed 8th house.  I attract everything. Evil is in there, but it does it dominate or even show up as a pattern.

Since we’re talking about women, you’d probably want to look at the natal moon.



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