In 2019, the Shudder streaming service released the documentary Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror – and RLJE Films later gave the documentary a Blu-ray and DVD release, so you can buy a copy HERE. Based on a book by Dr. Robin R. Means Coleman, Horror Noire “traced the untold history of Black Americans in Hollywood through their connection to the horror genre”. Now the Horror Noire brand is expanding with an anthology film that will be released through Shudder on Thursday, October 28th.

Here’s the information on this Horror Noire:

A new Shudder Original anthology film, Horror Noire is a follow-up to the critically acclaimed 2019 documentary Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror and features new work from both established and emerging talents, showcasing stories of Black horror from Black directors and screenwriters.

Anthology writers featured include Tananarive Due, Steven Barnes, Victor LaValle, Shernold Edwards, Al Letson, and Ezra C. Daniels.

Cast featured include Lesley-Ann Brandt (Lucifer, Spartacus), Luke James (The Chi, Thoughts of a Colored Man), Erica Ash (Survivor’s Remorse, A Black Lady Sketch Show), Brandon Mychal Smith (Four Weddings and a Funeral, You’re the Worst), Sean Patrick Thomas (Macbeth, The Curse of La Llorona), Peter Stormare (American Gods, Fargo), Malcolm Barrett (Genius: Aretha Franklin, Timeless), and Rachel True (The Craft, Half & Half), among others.

We first heard of this anthology back in February, but at that point it hadn’t yet taken on the Horror Noire title. It was known that Dr. Robin R. Means Coleman was on board as a consultant, along with Phil Nobile, Jr., Kelly Ryan, and Ashlee Blackwell.

Shudder’s Craig Engler said this about the anthology when it was first announced:

When we saw the first cut of our Horror Noire documentary, we realized there was a huge untapped reservoir of great Black horror stories that needed to be told, and an extremely talented group of writers and directors ready to tell them. While the documentary was a look back at the history of Black horror, this anthology is a showcase for the future and will introduce audiences to fantastic new stories and characters.”

Sounds like this anthology will be a solid addition to horror marathons this Halloween.

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