We recently told you that actor Stephen Lang had wrapped up work on DON’T BREATHE 2 where he’s reprising his role as “The Blind Man”, from the 2016 horror hit, and now Sony Screen Gems has provided moviegoers with a release date for the film.

DON’T BREATHE 2 is scheduled to open on August 13, 2021. The first film, which was released the same month in 2016, was a surprise hit and grossed $157.8 million at the global box office, along with scoring big with critics, which can be rare in the current horror movie landscape. Stephen Lang will be returning as “The Blind Man” and Rodo Sayagues co-wrote the script alongside the original film’s director Fede Álvarez and is making his directorial debut on the project.

The first DON’T BREATHE followed a trio of young thieves who were hoping to walk away with a massive fortune after breaking into the house of a blind man. The problem is, the blind man isn’t as helpless as he seems and soon they become the prey of someone who is more deprived than they realized. The film also stars Jane LevyDylan Minnette, and Daniel Zovatto.

Not much is known about the plot of DON’T BREATHE 2 but producer Sam Raimi has referred to the pitch as the “greatest idea for a sequel I’ve ever heard.” As of now, Lang is the only confirmed returning cast member from the first film although there is room for Jane Levy to possibly return.

Are YOU looking forward to DON’T BREATHE 2?

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