Former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama have long been plagued by tabloid rumors of divorce and marital strife that have all turned out to be totally false so far. In his upcoming book, A Promised Land, Barack opened up about the real life problems he and Michelle had as a couple. Their life together in the White House wasn’t always the fairy tale that it seemed to be.

Michelle Obama Had “An Undercurrent Of Tension In Her” Writes Barack

Barack Obama discusses his eight-year tenure in the White House in A Promised Land, and he dedicates a portion of the book to the effects his position as President of the United States had on his marriage. In the autobiography, due to be released November 17, Obama writes that he could sense an “undercurrent of tension in her, subtle but constant.” Barack adds,

It was as if, confined as we were within the walls of the White House, all her previous sources of frustration became more concentrated, more vivid, whether it was my round the clock absorption with work, or the way politics exposed our family to scrutiny and attacks, or the tendency of even friends and family members to treat her role as secondary in importance.

Back To How Things Were

There were many nights that Barack would spend lying next to Michelle and wistfully thinking back to the time before he was president — back to those moments when “everything between us felt lighter, when her smile was more constant and our love less encumbered, and my heart would suddenly tighten at the thought that those days might not return.” It’s clear that there were definitely periods when Barack and Michelle Obama weren’t the strong, united couple that they seemed to be.

Compared To Utterly Wrong Tabloid Rumors

Gossip Cop has been debunking false tabloid rumors about the pair’s marriage for years now, so we’re quite familiar with the tabloid narrative about the sort of problems the Obamas were experiencing in their marriage, as well as why they were having those reasons. These trashy outlets often pointed to Michelle Obama’s supposedly expensive tastes and made unfounded accusations about the possibility of Barack cheating. Obviously disreputable outlets like these would have no insight into the couple’s clearly complicated relationship, which is why the stories produced by them were so unnatural.

It’s far more interesting to see what actually took place between the couple during their time in office and beyond. It’s nice to get a glimpse into the former President’s life, both past and perhaps what he’d wish for his present and future. We’ll have to wait until the book is officially published to know what other intimate details Barack Obama will provide.

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