2020 is the year that brought Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck together, but it’s been a while since the two have been seen together. One tabloid believes that the two are cruising toward a breakup, so Gossip Cop is investigating.

Affleck’s ‘Sizzling Affair Was Chilled’

According to the Globe, “It’s splitsville for Ben and Ana.” Affleck had to leave her “to film in Ireland” and the long-distance calls inevitably turn “into bicker-fests.” An insider tells the tabloid, “The connection isn’t great and they end up hanging up on each other.”

Ana de Armas is reportedly feeling lonely in LA, so she “has been calling up friends to complain.” The Knives Out star “feels like the hired help doing chores” around his house. The two have “agreed to take a few weeks of chilling out and see where they are after that.” It looks like the passion may be gone from the “red-hot” romance.

Recent Reunion Ruins Report

It is true that Affleck and de Armas haven’t seen each other for a bit, but that’s because Affleck has been in Ireland filming The Last Duel with best friend Matt Damon. Affleck and de Armas are both professional actors with years of experience, so they understand that sometimes your significant other is going to be away for a while. Long-distance dating isn’t a choice in this profession; it’s mandatory.

Affleck returned to California this week and promptly reunited with de Armas. Gossip Cop is calling this story false because there was never a trial separation, nor are they separating for weeks now. Were it not for COVID-19, perhaps she would’ve joined him in Ireland, but things look to have worked out all the same. We also want to point out the impossibility of anyone knowing the state of the wifi connection in Affleck’s home.

This Tabloid Has Shoddy Track Record

The Globe is a publication that values drama over reality, hence why it always claims strong relationships are falling apart. Back in May, Gossip Cop busted its report that George and Amal Clooney’s marriage was a breaking point due to lockdown. It was the inverse to this Affleck story, as the two were now spending too much time together. In this tabloid’s eyes, it’s suspicious to either live with or live away from your partner.

It also claimed Barack and Michelle Obama would get a divorce. If that story was true, it would’ve gotten international front-page coverage instead of a single tabloid blurb. Another longtime Hollywood couple, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, were leading separate lives according to Globe. None of these couples ever ended up breaking up, as the tabloid just plucks couples at random and claims drama. While Affleck and de Armas haven’t been together as long as the Obamas or the Clooneys, they are still a Hollywood couple making it work over long-distance.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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