Is Ben Affleck jealous after his girlfriend Ana de Armas was photographed kissing another man? A tabloid reports that a photoshoot has caused Affleck to spiral into a self-loathing spiral. Gossip Cop investigates.

Ana de Armas looking over her shoulder in a tight white dress.

‘Ana’s Steamy Kiss’

According to Woman’s Day, Affleck is upset after seeing photos of de Armas “getting up close and personal to a more age-appropriate man.” The tabloid provides photos of the “handsome, tuxedo-clad man” from a “photoshoot that was leaked.” The Gone Baby Gone director “understands it’s her job,” but the “frolicking” still stings.

According to the article, Affleck feels inadequate. He’s not confident in the relationship because “what they have is still fairly new, and she is almost 20 years his junior.” The Gigli star has seen his self-esteem take a hit after “trying to beat his booze addiction” over the past couple of years. The article concludes by saying that “he worries that Ana will leave him,” and he’s left jealous as she kisses a man who “would die to date her.”

It Was For A Commerical

The tabloid alludes to the fact that de Armas was kissing while at work, but intentionally doesn’t provide as many details as it could. The romance was for a perfume commercial, and the photos provided have carefully cropped out the camera crew. The man in the photos is handsome because, well, he’s a model. De Armas and Affleck are still happily dating, despite de Armas going to work and doing her job.

Affleck is a professional actor and has been for decades. He was married to a working actress for years. Both of them are adults and mature enough to understand that commercial shoots and movies aren’t real. Affleck is not literally Batman, de Armas is not literally a hologram, and this actor is no one for Affleck to be worried about. This story is childish and bogus.

Other Bogus Stories From This Tabloid

This isn’t the first time Woman’s Day trashed Affleck. Within months of the two getting together, Gossip Cop busted its story about Affleck getting de Armas pregnant. De Armas would be about six months along by now, and the photos in this commercial shoot prove that’s impossible. The tabloid claimed the Dogma star was going to remarry Jennifer Garner just months before he and the Knives Out star got together.

This story of a downtrodden Affleck is an extension of another story about Affleck furiously working out to impress the Blade Runner 2049 star. The age difference seems to bother this tabloid far more than it bothers Affleck and de Armas who have only ever been enamored with each other. The sources this tabloid claim to have close to Affleck are clearly not to be trusted. Gossip Cop suggests Woman’s Day back off before making up yet another bogus Affleck story.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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