Ethan Suplee has undergone a massive transformation since his Remember The Titans days. The 44-year-old actor spoke with Men’s Health about his weight loss journey and what he’s learned about himself along the way. Though the road was tough, Suplee managed to make it this far with his trademark good-natured charm.

A 500 Pound Weight Loss Transformation

When he was only 24-years-old, Ethan Suplee weighed over 500 pounds. For years, he tried dieting on and off to manage his weight, but fell into a pattern of losing weight only to gain it all back. All that changed in the last few years, however, when Suplee made the decision to focus less on his diet and concentrate more on a fitness regimen that worked for him.

Entering A New Era

His exercise program focused on strength training and he developed an eating plan that encouraged eating healthy foods without demonizing any one food group. Now he’s reached his goal of having less than 10 percent body fat, but he’s still trying to adjust to maintaining his weight rather than losing more. “My instinct, as someone who has been trying to lose weight for so long, is that I want my numbers—the number on the scale, my body fat percentage—to go down,” he told the magazine.

I’m trying now to learn to live in, and be happy with, the maintenance period.

“I spent decades adjusting to periods of suffering through dieting,” Suplee explained. “It worked. I’d get to my goal—and then very rapidly undo my goal. The way more important level for me now isn’t the period where I’m suffering, but the period where I’m in love with my life.” Undoing all that he’s achieved over the last few years would be a shame indeed, especially since it’s clear to see that he’s very proud of what he’s done for himself and happy with the changes he’s made in his life. It’s amazing to see the result of years of hard work, and even more thrilling to know that this is just the beginning for Suplee.

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