Britney Spears’ bizarre behavior has put her legions of devoted fans on high alert. The 38-year-old pop star, who’s currently embroiled in a legal battle to remove her father from her conservatorship, posted a string of strange videos on her Instagram feed that has her followers deeply concerned.

While fans have been expressing worry over Spears’ odd social posts for months, her recent wave of wacky videos has them more upset than ever. In her most recent vid, she appears noticeably uneasy, speaking fast and rocking nervously from side to side while sharing some strange summer highlights.

“Two friends threw me in the pool,” the mom-of-two says. “And I had two small dinner parties. Anyhow, it was such a good time.” Then, using a weird, whispery voice, she adds: “And from the way it looks of it, I think summer is still going.” What the what?

The post has fans seriously freaked out. One commented: “Something’s not right here!!! The rocking back and forth, the shaking in her voice, she sounds like she’s reading from a screen.” Another noted: “She seems so anxious like she’s gonna cry.”

Expressing the widespread worry that Brit is being held against her will (check out #FreeBritney Movement), one uneasy follower pleaded: “Give Britney back her freedom, she deserves the world!!

While none of us can know what’s really going on with the troubled singer, we’re all hoping she’s safe and happy. Still, it’s very worrisome to watch the Queen of Pop act so abnormally. As one fan commented: “Every post just gets weirder, really pulling for you Britney.”

Do you think Britney is trying to tell us something? Take a look at some of her other odd posts:

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