One tabloid believes Gwyneth Paltrow saved her lifestyle show Goop Lab by getting a few of her friends to watch it. The show was recently renewed for a second season, so perhaps the gambit paid off. Gossip Cop has the scoop.

‘Goop Crisis’

According to OK!, The Goop Lab was “on the verge of getting the ax.” The Netflix lifestyle program was causing the oft-maligned Paltrow strife. A source told the tabloid “this Netflix deal was the big passion project she spent years putting together, so she can’t stand the idea of losing it.” The cancellation would also mean “a blow to her bank account,” as the brand is a main source of income now that Paltrow is “all but retired from acting.”

To help save the program during it’s “all hands on deck” period, Paltrow was asking everyone she knows to stream the show and crank up its viewership.” She didn’t even care if people sat to watch, as she was suggesting friends “just leave their TV on” to help out. The article closes by saying “for Gwyn, failure is not an option.”

How Many Friends Does She Have?

The tabloid says Paltrow was “asking everybody she knows” to help out. Granted, Paltrow has an outreach greater than most, but TV shows don’t get renewed based on whom Paltrow knows alone. It takes hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people to jump to a program to save it. Plus, if the show was really on the brink, it would necessitate a very public effort to apply pressure on Netflix to save it.

Sceenshot of Gwyneth Paltrow on the Goop Lab

Paltrow Show Has Been Renewed

Earlier this week, Variety reported that The Goop Lab would return for a six-episode second season. While this is no doubt good news for Paltrow, it doesn’t make the original story any more believable. Netflix does not publicly release streaming numbers, just top 10 lists without figures attached. Enough people must have simply tuned it but, again, you’d need hundreds of thousands and not hundreds.

The tabloid also implies Paltrow is financially on the hook if The Goop Lab fails. Paltrow has made millions as an A-list Hollywood actress for decades, and the TV show is only one of many tentacles in the Goop brand. While she obviously wouldn’t want her TV show canceled, it’s not as though she’d go broke if it did.

Other Bogus Tales From This Lab

Gossip Cop busted this tabloid once before for reporting that Paltrow and Jessica Alba were feuding. It claimed Margot Robbie was feuding with Paltrow as well over some jokes in the Robbie produced show Dollface. This tabloid also reported that Brie Larson was angering everyone on the set of Avengers: Endgame. None of these feuds were true, showing the tabloid likes drama and Paltrow is an easy target.

If OK! was to be believed, then Paltrow would have no friends whom she could even ask to watch her show. With a misunderstanding of both Paltrow’s income and how TV shows get renewed in the first place, Gossip Cop can confidently say this story is bogus.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.

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