Plastic surgery or any sort of procedure is not a secret thing in the world of Hollywood. While a few celebrities have admitted to going under the knife, the tabloids still spread rumors about others who may have gotten something fixed or corrected. Last year, one magazine reported that Katie Holmes was also looking to rectify her “ugly feet.” Though Gossip Cop investigated the account at the time, we’re taking a look back at the story and what we uncovered.

Katie Holmes Hated Her “Ugly” Feet?

365 days ago the Globe stated that Katie Holmes was in anguish over her feet. A source told the paper that the actress’ body “never looked better” thanks to some exercise, nips, and tucks, but Holmes’ “crooked toes and unsightly bunions” led to her consulting a surgeon.

Katie’s Determination To Revamp Her Image

The insider further stated that the Mad Money actress was warned about “the pain involved in bone shaving and realignment treatments,” yet Holmes was not discouraged. The unnamed informant added, “Recovery can last up to three months and she might even need a walker to get around, but Katie’s determined to get this fixed!” The Globe continued the reason for the operation would be to raise Holmes’ “notoriety” in the fashion world. That piece of information was a bit questionable since Holmes is well-known for her fashionable looks and street style. Still, the tabloid disclosed the actress wanted to “re-emerge as a fashion icon.”

No, Katie Didn’t Fix Her Feet or Anything On Her Body

Katie Holmes is one of the most photographed celebrities in New York City. For example, Holmes was just spotted having lunch with her new boyfriend, Emilio Vitolo Jr., and his father, Emilio Sr. If the Dawson’s Creek star did get corrective foot surgery, the actress wouldn’t even be able to walk. Additionally, Gossip Cop corrected the notion that Holmes got plastic surgery done on her body before. Additionally, we spoke to a rep for the actress who told us the article was fabricated. To even create such a story about someone’s feet is just ridiculous and cruel.

More Lies From The Tabloids About Katie Holmes

But, it’s no surprise the magazine was wrong again about Holmes. Two years ago, the Globe purported Holmes was taking roles strictly for money. The untrustworthy paper claimed the actress was struggling financially following her divorce from Tom Cruise. Gossip Cop spoke to a rep for the actress who confirmed the story wasn’t true.

Earlier this year, the Globe alleged Holmes was quitting men and Hollywood. The tabloid asserted the actress was fleeing Hollywood following her break-up from Jamie Foxx. This also wasn’t true. Holmes never stated that she was leaving the entertainment industry or that she was done dating either. Indeed, her lastest movie The Secret: Dare to Dream was just released on streaming services and her dates with Vitolo have been well documented. The “ugly feet” tale was just another degrading report that came from the unreliable tabloid.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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