For being a literal loser, Kanye West sure feels great.

Recently, as Joe Biden and Donald Trump appealed to Americans in dueling town halls, poor Ye was basking in the afterglow of a fake victory.

In a Tuesday tweet, he posted what appeared to be early election results in Kentucky. It showed that West received 19% of the vote, putting him ahead of Biden (14%) and Trump (2%). Aside from the unlikelihood of Trump receiving single-digit votes in a Republican stronghold, one would be wise to ask why West was celebrating—his screen grab makes clear that he was still well behind independent candidate Brock Pierce (29%) and Libertarian Jo Jorgenson (36%).

To make matters more embarrassing, the source for these figures, LEX 18 News, published a clarification.

“The results shown were not valid,” they continued. “They were simply part of a test. We regret the discovery of the cached web link and have removed the data from that page. We apologize for any confusion.”

West’s tweet was flagged by Twitter as manipulated media. But since you can’t shame the shameless, the third-party candidate—who is listed on all of 12 ballots—continues to forge ahead. Following a string of self-congratulations on social media for his nine nominations and four wins at Wednesday’s Billboard Music Awards, he continues to ask followers for their votes, along with posting his latest campaign video.

We’ll give him this much: the music awards are real. The rest? To quote his buddy in the White House: fake news.

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