Has Ellen DeGeneres turned to plastic surgery because the stress from her various scandals have aged her? That’s the bizarre story one tabloid recently pushed. Gossip Cop looked into the rumors and had our own thoughts about the situation.

Ellen DeGeneres Showing Signs Of Strain?

The Globe reported a few weeks back that DeGeneres was planning to get a number of procedures done to undo the damage supposedly done to her face by the stress of facing so many scandals. Describing The Ellen DeGeneres Show host as “scandal-savaged,” the outlet quoted sources that insisted news of a “toxic” work culture behind the scenes of the show had made an “ugly impact” on the comedian.

Ellen DeGeneres wearing a blue shirt and white pants at the Green Eggs and Ham premiere

“It shows in the bags under her eyes, the saggy cheeks and jaw. She’s breaking out something terrible, and her skin looks blotchy from all the stress she’s been under,” snitched the tabloid’s “spy,” who added,

Even with makeup on she looks haggard!

Ellen Is Sparing No Cost

The tipster went on to claim that “image-conscious” DeGeneres was allegedly “desperate” to change that “haggard” appearance. Explained the source,

She’s booking appointments with dermatologists and surgeons, demanding botox fillers, a face-lift and eye-lift, surgery to tighten her neck and microdermabrasion. She doesn’t care what it costs because money is no object.

Naturally, the outlet takes the chance to claim that DeGeneres’ stress wasn’t being helped by her “floundering marriage” to wife Portia de Rossi. “They’ve had their share of problems, and Ellen’s diva behavior is to blame,” snitched the insider, adding, “That’s exactly what’s gotten Ellen into so much trouble with her staffers, past and present.”

Ellen DeGeneres, in a white suit, and Portia De Rossi, in a blue dress, at the People's Choice Awards

For now, however, de Rossi will stand by her spouse, the source insisted. “Portia’s supporting Ellen’s surgery plans, too,” the tipster said, concluding, “Anything to make Ellen feel better.” This report seemed familiar as we were reading it, and we realized we’d seen a similar story from this tabloid in 2018.

We’ve Seen This Rumor Before…

Back then, the Globe insisted that DeGeneres had spent $1 million on plastic surgery, supposedly in order to keep de Rossi from divorcing her. Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the situation, who laughed off the report.

It would appear that the tabloid’s prediction of plastic surgery is wrong yet again. The outlet is clearly trying to shame DeGeneres’ appearance in an ageist attack. Tabloids often use unflattering photos of celebrities, especially women, to try to “prove” the person needs or had plastic surgery. It’s an insulting, trashy technique, but this is the Globe, so what do you expect? We shouldn’t have to point this out, but DeGeneres looked like her usual self on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Gossip Cop rates this story as completely false.

This isn’t the first time this outlet has spread rumors about the state of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s marriage. Just a few months back, the outlet insisted that DeGeneres was jealous of Portia de Rossi’s potential cooking show. Gossip Cop rightfully pointed out that there was no credible news of a cooking show, plus DeGeneres had filmed her wife cooking, which shows that DeGeneres was supportive of de Rossi’s passions. This outlet really ought to do their research.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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