Ah, the innocence of childhood. A time to delve into the world of fantasy and our own imagination. A time to play dress up and dream about what we want to become when we grow up. And for this star, it was clear that acting was on her mind for quite some time.

Posted to her Instagram account, this future headline actress shared an adorable photo of herself as a child dressed up in a pink satin dress posing for the camera. This girl was definitely destined for the big screen. Can you guess who it is?

Had Promising Modeling Skills As A Tiny Tyke

Let’s dig in a bit. First and foremost is the outfit, a bubblegum pink satin dress paired with black polka-dot lace accents and veil. Accessorized with a long pearl necklace and tall white socks, this look just oozes ’80s glam.

And does this girl know how to pose! From the head slightly cocked onto her right hand to her left hand lifting at the hem of her dress to flash a peek of leg, she is working her angles. Which is suiting based on one caption in the post:

Me? An Actress? Never.

She’s Got Roots In Buenos Aires

For those who are big fans, the next part of her post might give you a clue to the poster’s identity. In Spanish she writes, “Buenos Aires… tenes mi corazón. Y es con un corazón pesado que me voy.” which translates to “Buenos Aires … you have my heart. And it’s with a heavy heart that I go.”

Growing up, this star lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina for a time, and she definitely was sad to leave.

Stumped? Let’s take a look at the full photo.

Anya Taylor-Joy in a pink satin dress as a child.

Do you think you know who it is? Final guesses are due!

And now, for the reveal.

Side by side photo of Anya Taylor-Joy as a child and her today.

It’s Anya Taylor-Joy!

It’s none other than Anya Taylor-Joy. You might not recognize her name, but you surely recognize this talented beauty from such films as Emma, The Witch, and her recent role in the uber popular Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit.

Born in Miami, Taylor-Joy moved to Buenos Aires when she was only an infant, where she lived until her parents moved the family when she was only six, finally settling in London. Her love of her childhood home was deep, as she refused to speak anything but Spanish for the first two years she lived in England in protest of moving back to Argentina. And like her throw back post indicates, it’s clear she still harbors a close love for Buenos Aires to this day.

So, did you guess correctly? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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