Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton met while working together on The Voice. Now that they’re engaged. One tabloid says they’re only getting hitched as a ratings ploy. TV weddings aren’t unheard of, so Gossip Cop is investigating

Engaged To Help ‘The Voice’

According to OK!, Stefani and Shelton’s five years of dating are culminating in a ratings boost for their reality singing competition. A source told the tabloid “Don’t get me wrong, these two are very much together and in love, however, a little bit of publicity for the two judges that met and fell in love on The Voice isn’t going to hurt anyone.” The tabloid added that a live proposal would have been ideal, but “proposing right now in the first few weeks of the new season they are on together is great.”

This engagement is great news for fans of the show, as they’ll “get to see in real-time these two planning a life together.” The two got engaged on the same night The Voice airs, much to the delight of the showrunners. The producers of The Voice “are already excited about showing off that huge ring on Gwen’s fingers during the show.”

This Is Insulting

Shelton and Stefani are either genuinely in love, or they’ve spent the last five years, and presumably the rest of their lives, together only to raise ratings of The Voice? Why didn’t Adam Levine or any other judge get engaged to boost ratings? How exactly is this reality singing show going to show us “these two planning a life together?” Was Stefani introducing her kids to StSheltonefani in real life some other elaborate tactic to boost interest in The Voice?

If this really was a ratings stunt, and it’s preposterous to even consider that, but here we are, then it would have played out on TV. Improving ratings for The Voice have a lot more to do with This Is Us returning than shots of Stefani’s engagement ring. Stefani and Shelton are engaged because they want to be together, not because it would lead to some great close-ups for a TV show. This story is bogus and disrespectful.

Tabloid Can’t Be Trusted

OK! has repeatedly been busted by Gossip Cop for its stories about Shelton and Stefani. It claimed in 2018 that they were having a “miracle baby,” but no such pregnancy ever happened. It said Stefani was furious with her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale after their son got injured, but Rossdale has consistently been an attentive and loving father, so that narrative looked invented too.

This tabloid was also over a year early when it reported that Shelton had asked Stefani’s parents for her hand in marriage. A rep for Stefani confirmed this story was fabricated. Clearly, this tabloid had no legitimate insight into Shelton’s personal life. Frankly, you don’t need personal insight to know these two didn’t get engaged for some cutaway shots of an engagement ring.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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