Did Gwen Stefani threaten to leave Blake Shelton if he didn’t get in shape? One tabloid reported this in 2019. Since a lot has changed in the couple’s relationship recently, Gossip Cop is revisiting the tale.

Gwen Got Sick Of Blake’s Poor Eating Habits?

Two years ago, the National Enquirer claimed Gwen Stefani was sick of Blake Shelton gaining weight and gave the country singer an ultimatum. If Shelton didn’t lose weight, the tabloid claimed the pop star would break off their relationship. An insider told the magazine though Stefani adored Shelton she “demanded he hit the gym or hit the highway.”

Was A Baby Gwen’s Reasons For Her Pleas?

The source continued the primary reason Stefani was concerned about her partner’s health was that she wanted to have a baby with him, but feared he wouldn’t be healthy enough to care for their child. “Gwen was furious that Blake doesn’t want to take better care of himself, creating the possibility he may not live long enough to see their child grow up,” the insider revealed. Of course, Gossip Cop noticed the tabloid had to throw the baby narrative into the story, as many other outlets have always alleged the pair were trying to conceive or already pregnant.

The supermarket tabloid continued that even though Shelton “made it clear he’d do his part as a dad” he didn’t “sign up for fitness training.” The tipster added Stefani “knew it was late in life for both of them to bring another child into their lives. She just wanted to make sure that Blake takes care of himself for them to raise a family from middle age to late in life.”

Blake Shelton Gave In To Make Gwen Stefani Happy?

But then, the story took an interesting turn when the insider, who insisted the country crooner ate “steak, fried chicken, mac and cheese and vodka,” maintained Shelton began “dieting and occasionally hitting the gym to keep Gwen happy.” “Blake’s giving it his best shot. But everyone knows that if he’s on tour and Gwen isn’t around, he’s not going to pass up a beer and a burger,” the snitch concluded.

The Story Was Never True, Blake & Gwen Are Happier Than Ever

For obvious reasons, the story wasn’t true. At the time, Gossip Cop busted the phony report after speaking to a spokesperson for Gwen Stefani who told us the article was false. Now, nearly two years later, it’s even apparent the paper was off-base. Blake Shelton proposed to his longtime girlfriend three months ago, much to the delight of fans of the couple. Clearly, Stefani didn’t leave the singer and the two are very much in love.

As for the Enquirer, the tabloid isn’t the most reliable source in regards to the couple. Months ago, the same paper alleged Stefani kept Shelton on a short leash. Not too long after that, Gossip Cop investigated a report from the magazine that claimed Stefani and Shelton fought often. Neither of these accounts was true. Hopefully, the tabloids learn to get their facts straight this year. If not, Gossip Cop will be here to set the record straight.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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