One rumor says that Gwen Stefani‘s losing patience with her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale, due to what one source says is a reckless parenting style. The gossip is pretty dramatic, so Gossip Cop took a closer look at the claims. Here’s what’s going on.

Gwen Stefani’s Worried About Her Kids

OK! calls out “Gwen & Gavin’s Parenting Spats” in one of its recent issues. According to one anonymous source, Stefani and Rossdale’s relationship “has gone from bad to worse,” and even though “the parents of three never saw eye to eye when it came to parenting,” this situation is supposedly on a different level. “He’s very organic and kind of carefree, whereas Gwen’s a lot stricter,” the unnamed snitch explains. The magazine implies that she’s always been displeased with her ex, but it adds that she’s been “even more up in arms ever since their son Zuma broke both his arms in separate incidents.”

“She wants the boys to be supervised a lot more when Gavin has them because she gets so worried when they’re out of her sight,” the tipster continues. “She trusts Gavin’s intentions, but they keep coming home banged up and bruised from all the roughhousing they do at his place — and that’s got Gwen tearing her hair out.”

Gwen Stefani And Gavin Rossdale’s Co-Parenting

It’s always a bit eyebrow-raising when a tabloid drags celebrities’ kids into their gossip pages, but the implications within this report are a bit shocking. The magazine only says that one of their sons broke both arms in separate incidents, but it offers no further information on what should be the crux of the story. Instead, it makes the bold claim that the rest of the kids keep showing up at Stefani’s door bruised before ending the article with a “Yikes!”.

Stefani and Shelton’s middle child did, in fact, break both of his arms several weeks apart — the left from falling out of a chair and the right from crashing his bike about six weeks later. In both incidents, Rossdale took his kid to the hospital and got them the care that they needed to safely recover. While we don’t know the exact circumstances of Rossdale or Stefani’s living situations, it’s a bit wild to argue that one can be vigilant enough to completely nullify gravity. It’s even worse to try and make a point about someone’s parenting abilities by omitting relevant context.

Parenting isn’t just about ensuring a child is never at any risk of any physical harm; rather, it’s more about making sure a kid develops into an educated and healthy adult. And that’s something both Stefani and Rossdale are on the same page about, and they’ve been that way since their divorce. Rossdale himself told The Sun in 2017 that the only thing that was easy about the split was how they would handle raising their children. “The one thing — the only good thing, because everything else is not good — is we care about the children and it’s about them,” he explained. “So we do everything to make this life change as seamless as possible.”

It’s also worth noting that Rossdale proudly talked about his kids for quite a bit, and he even boasted that while they’re rambunctious with him, they were exceedingly polite with others. “They’re a bit feral around me and like jumping off the balcony on to the big white sofa, flying around with Nerf guns and having pillow fights,” he laughed. “My favourite thing is when they go round to other people’s houses and I’m told they’re so polite with their pleases and thank yous. They are like new and improved versions of me. When a grown man pours them water [at a restaurant], I’m really insistent they look into his eyes and say thank you. I don’t want them to take it for granted.”

Aside from the fact that the two have to work around their The Voice schedules — Rossdale is one of the coaches for the UK version of the show, while Stefani’s been a key part of the American broadcast for several seasons — there’s nothing that sounds abnormal about this situation. Plus, Gwen Stefani’s been an incredibly busy performer for decades now, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to paint her as some sort of worrywart that doesn’t want her kids out of her sight. She and longtime boyfriend Blake Shelton take the kids out for ATV rides, diving into swimming holes, and all kinds of hikes on Shelton’s massive Oklahoma ranch for crying out loud. The solution to a kid that wants to play isn’t to lock them indoors and cover them in bubble wrap. It’s to put a helmet on them and go out with them, which is exactly what’s happened.

Instead of listening to an unnamed and totally untraceable “insider,” we’d rather take the word of someone who knows what Rossdale is actually like, which is exactly why we’ll point to Stefani and Shelton’s oldest son’s answer when a fan asked him about his father.

Despite Reports, There’s Not That Much Drama

There’s also the matter of OK!‘s track record with celebrity families. We had to debunk a bogus cover story about Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake’s family plans this summer. It was dead wrong in another article about Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas allegedly fighting over kids that again relied on an anonymous tipster. The magazine’s been wrong about the status of Stefani’s relationship with Blake Shelton for years.

The only real problem for Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale is the same one nearly every divorced couple is facing, and that’s navigating custody while a global pandemic is raging. As he mentioned in a recent SiriusXM interview, he’s been using FaceTime to keep up with his kids while they spend time apart, but he still misses them like any parent would. Other than that, they’ve been co-parenting as best they can. While Stefani was probably pretty worried when she heard about her son getting hurt, it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to paint Rossdale as an inattentive father or perpetual enemy of Stefani.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.

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