Busting onto the scene back in 1995 as the lead vocalist of the band No Doubt, Gwen Stefani has come a long way in her career. From her solo hits, three Grammy Awards, rocking clothing line, and being one of the coaches on The Voice, she has certainly made a name for herself. And like many in Hollywood, is one of those lucky few that seem to only grow more beautiful with age. Now 51 and recently engaged to country star and fellow Voice coach Blake Shelton, Stefani still looks the bright-eyed 26-year-old we all fell in love with back in the ’90s.

So what’s her secret? Probably unsurprisingly, a lot of it boils down to her diet and exercise regain for maintaining those washboard abs and glowing skin. Gossip Cop has the scoop on her exact routine.

What Is Gwen Stefani’s Diet?

The singer mostly focuses on clean eating and organic fruits and veggies. Speaking to radio station Mix 104.1 addressing crazy rumors that she wouldn’t accept a proposal from her now-fiancé Shelton if he hid the ring in a bucket of fried chicken, the star revealed, “I actually don’t eat meat.”

And the evidence backs this up. TMZ recovered a copy of her backstage dressing room list of needs, and the menu is very healthy. Some requests include vitamin waters, an organic veggie tray with organic ranch dip, an organic fruit tray, and a bowl including seasonal berries, melons, bananas, plums, apples, and pears as well as organic whole cashews and almonds. She also asks for a hot tea bar that includes organic peppermint and chamomile teas and organic honey, as well as the ingredients for her signature pre-show drink.

“This is going to sound crazy, but I have to have decaf English Breakfast tea with vanilla soy milk in my dressing room,” Stefani told Bon Appétit.

From tours to being a mom of three kids to working on the voice, Stefani’s hectic schedule can make it difficult to fit in a meal, which can lead to some yummy meals later in the week.

Speaking to Bon Appétit about what she keeps backstage on The Voice to stay fueled she remarked, “You know, I hate to say this, but the go-to is coffee and tea. They keep it so cold in there, and it’s so busy. There’s so much going on there’s barely any time to grab food. And you find yourself feeling emaciated by the end of the week. Like, let’s go get Mexican food because I need to bulk up at this point. We work really hard on that show.”

This is a similar sentiment to when she is on tour,

After a Chicago show, we literally came home with nine seven-pound Chicago deep dish pizzas and ate a few on the plane. The next day I had my entire family over and we went to town on the rest of them. I literally gained three pounds in three days. But thank you, Chicago. I needed it!

Spending more time with fiancé Blake Shelton has probably added some new twists to her diet, as she revealed to Shape: “He’s a feeder. He’ll go, ‘Here, I bought you some candy.'” Despite the occasional treat, Stefani and Shelton have found a good use of their extra time and space on his Oklahoma ranch.

“The way we live at the ranch is really simple. There are watermelons that Blake planted and all my wildflowers. It’s a nice contrast to L.A., although I do keep 20 chickens in the backyard here at home too.”

No matter what she eats in a day, Stefani has some great motivation to try and make healthy choices. Speaking to the U.K. version of Elle Magazine she remarked, “I’d like to have no rules and eat what I want, but I’ve learned over the years that I’m so disappointed when I can’t wear the clothes I want to wear. And if I let myself down, appear on stage when I’m not looking my best, it’s not fun for me. I just beat myself up about it.”

Gwen Stefani’s Workout Routine

Between grueling hours on The Voice to chasing around three boys to her bouncing around on stage for hours while on tour, Stefani naturally lives a pretty active life. “Jumping around on stage for a few hours for thousands of screaming fans is great cardio,” she told Harper Bazaar. Yet hitting the gym is still a priority she tries to make in her life, just not as much as when she was younger.

“I have no magic thing that I do to stay fit. I eat really clean, do my shows, and work out. I always feel better when I’m in a routine even though I sometimes hate it,” Stefani admitted to Shape. “I play tennis, badly, with Blake. Then we go to the gym. I like to do squats and lunges and light weights. I don’t go crazy like I used to.”

Nowadays, Stefani seems to understand the importance of balance, and not spending every waking moment in the gym or going too strict on her diet.

“Balance is the hardest thing, but it’s also the most important—being with my family, having time with Blake where we just watch movies,” she told Shape. It seems like, with your career, you have to keep swimming, keep moving, or else you’re going to look back and go, ‘Shoot, it’s over.’ I don’t like feeling like that. I want to do creative things when I want, and I want to stop chasing all the time. It’s hard, but I’m really enjoying being in the moment.”

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