If Meghan Markle was pregnant every time a tabloid said she was, then the line of succession would be much longer than it is now. Another tabloid report that the Duchess of Sussex is six months pregnant. Gossip Cop is investigating the rumor.

“It’s A Girl”

According to Star, Markle will have a new baby girl early in 2021. A source exclusively told the tabloid that Markle is “quite far along,” but still “determined to keep her second pregnancy a secret for as long as she can.” Markle doesn’t want to start a “media frenzy” after all. An insider says, for the Sussexes, “life couldn’t be more perfect.”

The pregnancy is easier this time around without “constant pressure from the royal family. All the same “Gracious Kate” Middleton is still sending an “olive branch in the form of a cute baby gift.” Prince Harry is “pampering Meghan like crazy,” and has received some well-wishes from his trusted royal family members. That being said, he’s not looking forward to meeting with the Queen later this year, regardless of a baby being on the way or not.

More Optimistic Than Usual, But Still Bogus

Most of the time when tabloids create stories about Markle and Prince Harry, it is with malice intent. This pregnancy story is actually pretty upbeat, but still finds time to glorify Middleton as the perfect sister-in-law who just wants to keep the family together. Regardless of this being a positive Markle piece, it is not true.

The only proof of a six-month pregnancy comes from “online commenters” saying “she is glowing,” and some dubious sources. Gossip Cop busts stories about Markle being pregnant all the time, so we’re understandably skeptical.

It’s A Secret To Everybody?

This tabloid says Markle wants to keep the pregnancy a secret, but it still quotes a source who knows the truth? This would mean, on Markle’s short list of people she can absolutely trust, there’s someone who would turn around and tell Star all about the pregnancy? Considering the Sussexes rough relationship with the tabloid press, that is impossible.

Lousy Royal Stories Abound

This is the same tabloid who said Middleton had an eating disorder just like Princess Diana. As proof, it highlighted photos of Middleton and Lady Diana in similar outfits, which is just preposterous as the two aren’t even related by blood. This tabloid also said Middleton was pregnant with her fourth baby about two years ago, but that baby never came.

On the Sussex side of things, this tabloid recently said Prince Harry would be making a documentary about how his mother was murdered. Prince Harry has never questioned the official story about Princess Diana’s tragic death. The Duke of Sussex and Prince William have already released a documentary about their mother. The story was opportunistic and bogus.

Until Meghan Markle herself says she’s pregnant, you should not believe any report you see. As for this six months report, it is totally false.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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