If you were to rank the most appearances by a celebrity couple on a tabloid cover, it very likely could be Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. The former spouses are still, over 15 years after splitting up, still subjected to loads of tabloid coverage and speculation. In its cover story this week, one tabloid says the two are back together. Gossip Cop investigates.

Screenshot of the Fast Times At Ridgemont High table read on Zoom, Jennifer Aniston on the left, Brad Pitt on the left.

‘Fast Times’ Reunion Leads To Renewed Feelings

According to In Touch, Pitt has “abruptly ended things with” model Nicole Poturalski, whom he’s been seeing for about a year now. Pitt has now “realized he wants to be with his one true love,” Aniston. The reunion was spurred by both participating in the Zoom table read of Fast Times at Ridgemont High. “The reading is what convinced Brad” that the two should get back together. An insider told the tabloid “even though they weren’t in the same room, their chemistry and natural flow with each other was very apparent.”

One scene from the table read saw Aniston, in character, saying she wanted to kiss Pitt. The tabloid speaks to a body language expert who said Pitt licking his lips at that moment meant he was “an individual either really experiencing his lines or remembering his experience with Jen.” The table read led to Pitt immediately breaking up with Poturalski. He then “went to Jen’s and poured his heart out.” Now the two are on a romantic weekend in Big Sur.

There Is No Getaway, And Poturalski Hasn’t Been Dumped

A spokesperson for Jennifer Aniston told Gossip Cop on the record that this story was “completely made up.” In a report from just a few days ago, People, a far more reputable source than the tabloid in question, called Nicole Poturalski “Pitt’s new flame,” so it is not true that she’s been dumped either. As exciting as this story would be, none of it is true.

Brad Pitt smirking during the Fast Time table read.

Licking His Lips Meant Memories?

The only evidence this tabloid can muster is a testimonial from some shady anonymous insiders and the quote from the body language expert. What the so-called expert doesn’t list as reasons for Pitt licking his lips could be that they were dry or, far more likely, the Oscar-winning actor was acting. While seeing the two exes chat during the table read was cute, it was not a star-crossed reunion that led to a romantic getaway.

Screenshot of Jennifer Aniston with her hand over her mouth during the Fast Times At Ridgemont High table read

No Consistency In Pitt’s Relationship Status

In Touch loves publishing cover stories about whomever Pitt is dating, but their stories are incompatible with one another. It said Pitt was dating four women at once. He’s supposedly engaged to Alia Shawkat as well. Then there are all the other times it said Pitt was back with Aniston.

This tabloid reported Pitt and Aniston got engaged at the Golden Globes but also had a backyard wedding at his home. The two were supposed to announce a Christmas reunion last year. This tabloid routinely claims Aniston and Pitt are reconciling, but it is never correct. Pitt and Aniston appear to be friendlier now than in years past, but the two are certainly not going on any romantic getaways.

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