If one tabloid is to be believed, Jenifer Aniston is cruising toward a huge payday for a tell-all book. It’s feeling a bit like Groundhog Day here at Gossip Cop as this is yet another Aniston tell-all story that we’ll have to debunk.

“Jen tell-all could be top seller!” boasts the _National _Enquirer in a story mostly about how popular an Aniston tell-all would be if it ever happened. “One top publisher” told the rag “Barack and Michelle Obama got an estimated $65 million advance for their books and Jen would be in the same range – maybe bigger!” That Obama figure is accurate but misleading as it was for more than a book. If this tabloid actually did speak to one of the top book publishers, wouldn’t it want to say who it was? Why keep it a secret?

The celebrity tell-all is an easy topic for tabloids to write about because it allows the tabloid to openly speculate. In this story, the tabloid says Aniston could write about her mother, Friends, and “what really happened with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.” The tabloid doesn’t say anything about those topics or what Aniston could possibly say. Instead, it leaves that up to the reader’s imagination.

It is undoubtedly true that a tell-all from Aniston could indeed “be the biggest-selling memoir ever” as the tabloid claims. She’s Hollywood royalty with multiple divorces and numerous enormously successful projects to chat about. The reason Gossip Cop is debunking this story, though, is because of it’s very first sentence: “Jennifer Aniston has been busy writing – and her memoir will be worth megabucks.”

While her memoir would probably be worth megabucks, that much seems like a safe bet, but there is no truth to the claim that she is busy writing. In May, when sister-mag OK! made an almost identical tell-all claim, we spoke to a rep for Aniston who told us in no uncertain terms that Aniston “has never planned, nor does she currently have plans” for a tell-all.

Earlier this month we compiled a smattering of bogus Aniston tell-all rumors, but she’s not the only target of this specific story. This same tabloid claimed Ashton Kutcher was working on a retaliatory tell-all against Demi Moore’s best selling memoir Inside Out. It also claimed Tom Selleck got a $10 million book deal for a memoir. Incidentally, Both of those books never materialized, so Gossip Cop was right to debunk them. We’ve debunked this Aniston tell-all rumor numerous times, but we have no doubt we’ll have to denounce it in the future.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.

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