Did Julia Roberts “burn bridges” in Los Angeles before moving her family to San Francisco? One tabloid claims that the Pretty Woman actress cut ties with old pals for her new start in San Francisco. Gossip Cop can add some clarity to the rumor.

Julia Roberts Has A New Home

The National Enquirer reports this week that Julia Roberts’ move to San Francisco took some of her LA friends by surprise, leaving some feeling snubbed and at least one “longtime pal” shocked after finding themself on the receiving end of Roberts’ sharp tongue. The actress and her husband, Danny Moder, recently moved into a rental property in San Francisco while the couple’s “new $8.3 million home” is being finished up. So-called sources tell the outlet,

Some of Julia’s pals were weirded out by the way they suddenly left with hardly a goodbye.

The source went on to add, “She also had a few choice words for one long-time pal, which came out of the blue and was a bit of a shock!” Just how this person learned about this supposed confrontation is unclear. Obviously this tipster isn’t all that knowledgeable, since they made no mention of who this “long-time pal” is or what those “few choice words” were about. Regardless, the suspicious source continues, saying,

But that’s Julia: Once you’re out of favor with her, that’s it!

This article raises far more questions than it answers, which is why its narrative falls apart so easily. Can anyone, even a superstar actress like Julia Roberts, just suddenly up and move away? Real estate purchases take a long time to set up and, like the tabloid mentions, there’s still work being done on Roberts’ new home. All of that takes time and preparation, which makes the source’s claims that Roberts and her family “suddenly left” a little hard to swallow.

Then there’s the fact that Roberts allegedly barely told anyone goodbye. Well, that would make sense in the era of Covid-19. There obviously couldn’t be a large going away party due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, not to mention the wildfires that are plaguing much of the state. Were some people miffed that Roberts moved away? It’s possible, but the outlet’s description of Roberts as a “one strike and you’re out” type friend, as well as the so-called “insider’s” vague statements, led us to believe this story is probably false.

This is far from the first time the Enquirer has published an obviously false story about Julia Roberts. Early this summer, the outlet claimed Roberts was “ditching” Hollywood to become the next Erin Brockovich. She is doing no such thing, Gossip Cop discovered. The tabloid also once claimed that Roberts was “caught” kissing another man by her husband Danny Moder. This was simply not true. This outlet really ought to change their name to the National Embarrassment.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.

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