Brace yourselves, Beliebers. Justin Bieber drops his new single ‘Lonely’, featuring Benny Blanco, this Friday, and the music video will include an appearance by fellow Canadian Jacob Tremblay.

The pop star recently teased the vid on Twitter, posting a pic of Tremblay that will make you do a double-take. The 14-year-old Room star is seen playing Bieber circa 2010, rocking his signature threads and side-swept hair. The resemblance is uncanny—longtime fans should prepare for intense flashbacks.

True Beliebers may recognize that Tremblay’s appearance in the video has a deeper meaning. Back in 2016, Twitter user King_Caticorn tweeted, “I just hope Jacob Tremblay isn’t going to grow up to be the movie star version of Justin Bieber.” Clearly, the casting is a reference to the tweet, and Bieber, of course, retweeted the post before announcing the video.

‘Lonely’ is the second single from Bieber’s current album Changes. ‘Holy’, featuring Chance the Rapper, was released last month and immediately shot to No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100. With so much star power behind the upcoming track, we expect it to blow up just as quickly.

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