Royal drama sells magazines no matter who the royals are. Just about every combination of folks in the royal family is, according to the tabloids, feuding at some point or another. In a recent report, we see Camilla Parker Bowles feuding with Kate Middleton because they both want to be queen. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Kate Gets Royally Screwed By Monster-In-Law Camilla’

The National Enquirer pulled no punches in its report about how “Prince Charles’ beastly wife, Camilla, is making life miserable for their already stressed out daughter-in-law.” With “diva wife” Meghan Markle and Prince Harry gone, their responsibilities have now fallen on Middleton. Bowles “is meddling to an almost intolerable degree” on Middleton’s life both professionally and personally.

Middleton “can’t work out what she’s done to deserve the attack, but she must know deep down that Camilla sees her as a huge threat.” Bowles‘ desire is of course to become queen someday, so she’s fostering as much doubt about “the commoner” as she can. She’s “been feeding gossip to Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, telling them how dim-witted Kate is and how commonly low her ancestry is.” The article concludes by saying that Middleton is “poised to be the next queen,” so Bowles should try to get along for her own good.”

Why Would Bowles Say These Things?

The final line in this story, about how Bowles should knock this all off, both exemplifies how silly this all is while still being mostly false. Middleton is technically “poised to be the next queen,” but only because Bowles will likely go by the title “princess regent” when Prince Charles takes the throne. Middleton is not any threat whatsoever because the monarchy in Britain is based on birthrights, not public opinion or the whims of Kate Middleton.

This being said, why would the “beastly” Bowles act this way at all? Is whispering gossip to other members of the royal family without any real political power going to get her any closer to the throne? The whole story just paints Bowles as a “monster-in-law” who is trashing Middleton for no good reason. And what was with the needless shot at “diva wife” Markle? This is clearly a dramatized tabloid rivalry without any legitimate substance to it.

An Unoriginal Story

This is sadly a pretty common narrative among tabloids. Gossip Cop busted a similar story from New Idea back in May about Bowles and Middleton “fighting for the throne.” Earlier this week In Touch said Bowles was worried Middleton would get the crown over her. There is no evidence that Middleton and Bowles are anything other than civil, and since the line of succession is crystal clear, there are no fights to be had anyway. This Enquirer story is both untrue and unoriginal.

Other Rough Royal Stories

This tabloid previously reported that Prince Charles demanded Bowles get marriage-saving plastic surgery. Apparently, he wanted Bowles to look more like Meghan Markle, which is both creepy and, according to an insider Gossip Cop spoke to, completely not true.

This tabloid has no insight on Middleton either, as it recently said she would “set the record straight” in a tell-all interview. No such interview was ever scheduled to happen, the Enquirer just made it up. It also made up a Christmas twin pregnancy for Middleton last year, but obviously, those twin babies were just figments of the tabloid’s imagination. This story is just an unending stream of potshots directed toward Bowles, but this tabloid has no trustworthy evidence at all.

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