Kelly Clarkson is going a step beyond a typical new year’s resolution, one report says. According to the rumor, she’s ready to turn her ongoing divorce around and shock fans and critics alike this year. Here’s what’s going on with her.

Clarkson’s Divorce Hasn’t Been Pretty

Prepare to see a different Kelly Clarkson this year, says OK!. The magazine reports that the singer and increasingly successful TV host is ready to flex her newly single life as her difficult divorce from talent manager Brandon Blackstock continues. It’s not just a desire for a new look for a new year, though. An anonymous insider says that the divorce and a separate lawsuit related to her former father-in-law’s management company. A source says,

Playing around with her look is a welcome distraction.

“She was tired of seeing the same old face and person in the mirror and felt she needed a boost,” one tipster explains. And it wasn’t just her face that had her worn out — as her divorce moves forward and she basks after winning her “nasty custody battle” with Blackstock, she’s ready to flaunt her new look. The source says that she “is saying goodbye to a lot of those dowdier outfits,” and she’s moving on to “an edgier, sleek and sexy look” for both her show and her personal life. “It won’t be anything over-the-top, but she’s ditching the jeans, sweats, and long-sleeved shirts and splurging on clothes that let her flash a little flesh and show off her curves. She figures it’s well overdue.”

No Kelly Clarkson Slander, Please

Look, we get it, the whole “new year, new me” coupled with an on-going divorce — especially one that possibly involves hundreds of millions of dollars — is just too classic of a storyline, but we don’t trust this report for a number of reasons. For one, Clarkson may have developed a sort of down-home non-pretentious image as her career has developed, but the star has pretty much always killed it on the red carpet. The tabloid pulls up a photo of Clarkson on a walk, in coveralls, as evidence of her past “frumpy” look, but she still looks great in the outfit! There’s really nothing for her to revamp.

There’s also the fact that OK! has invented these sorts of stories about the star before. Previously, it’s argued that Clarkson was at odds with her fellow coach Blake Shelton on The Voice, with another one of its unnamed insiders saying she was constantly “in tears” over their “vicious” feud. We pointed out that they were competitive on the show, but there was no evidence of a fight. A few months after the tabloid made that allegation, she even gifted him a handmade quilt. Whoever this tabloid is going to for rumors about Clarkson clearly isn’t in their right state of mind, and that’s not even covering the fact that they’ve been wrong about celebrity divorces more times than we can count.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.

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