Sir Elton John has pretty much done all there is to do in music. Hits spanning decades? Check. Scoring an animated classic? Check. Winning an Oscar for your own biopic? Check. Continued baseless rumors of death or financial ruin? Well, sadly check. The tabloid rumors directed at John tend to be especially cruel for whatever reason. Here are some rumors Gossip Cop has debunked about the “Your Song” crooner.

He’s Only Got Months To Live

Back in March, John had to cancel a show in New Zealand due to what he called “walking pneumonia.” The Globe took that as evidence that he only had “months to live.” It said he was “mostly confined to a wheelchair” and reiterated “he could well be dead in six months.’ Six months later and John appeared in a video for the Emmy Awards, so this story was wonderfully bogus. John is still signed on to continue his Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Farewell Tour well into 2022, so he’s still got big plans for years to come.

Elton John performing in a grey suit and pink glasses.

He’ll Never Sing Again

It’s no secret that John partied very hard for decades. The National Enquirer claimed his “hard-partying past and illness” had finally caught up to him and he would never sing again. This article came out right around the aforementioned pneumonia incident, with the tabloid saying his “voice may be silenced forever.” The tabloid explained his “his history of cocaine abuse and bulimia may have ravaged his voice even further.” The “Tiny Dancer” singer has been sober for about three decades now, and there’s no indication that all of a sudden his voice just up and left him. After the pneumonia incident, John added additional dates to the tour, not removing any of them. John’s partying did not destroy his voice forty years down the line, for the story was false.

Tour Cancellation Led To Financial Ruin

The coronavirus forced John to stop his farewell tour. New Idea claimed the tour “isn’t covered by insurance,” so the cancellation had “taken a huge chunk out of his retirement plans.” John was now in “financial hell.” All the “revenue has disappeared overnight,” and even led to husband David Furnish taking the kids and fleeing to London. John has Lion King money, so it’s a bit unbelievable that one postponed, not canceled, tour would immediately mean disaster. The pandemic actually allowed John to spend more time with his family, not less. When his farewell tour resumes, he will add to his ample fortune. This article seriously offbase.

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