It’s obvious from Marie Osmond’s Instagram page that she is one proud grandmother. When the singer and former The Talk star isn’t spending time with her adorable brood of grandchildren, she’s busy making them one-of-a-kind gifts. With grandkids this cute, it’s easy to see why she has such a great time spoiling them.

With eight children, Marie Osmond must have a devil of a time keeping track of her many grandchildren. Something tells us she doesn’t mind the hard work of keeping up with names, ages, and birthdates, however. Much of Osmond’s Instagram page is filled with photos of her many beautiful grandchildren.

Plenty of the posts just detail the time she spent with them and what they did together. Like many other grandparents, Osmond clearly delights in spending holidays with her grandchildren, doing whatever fun, creative activities she can think of.

On occasion, Osmond showcases the gifts she gives her beloved grandbabies, and if she wasn’t such a talented singer and entertainer, one might believe that she was a world-class quilter. If she ever gets sick of the fame that comes with being a musician, she could always switch gears and create her own business selling quilts like the ones she gifted to her granddaughters Maude and Mabel.

Our favorite posts have to be the birthday celebrations, however. It’s very touching that Osmond not only keeps track of the days herself, but that she gives her grandchildren (and children, and son and daughters-in-law) special birthday shout outs via Instagram.

It’s always lovely to see Marie Osmond and her family, but there’s something extra special about seeing her enjoying time with her grandkids. Maybe it’s because she appears to so love each and every one of her many grandkids. We’ll be looking forward to each peek Osmond allows into her wonderful family life.

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