Matthew McConaughey has long marched to the beat of his own drum, so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that the Texas-born actor has taken a very definite stance on deodorant. McConaughey was recently a guest on a podcast where he admitted that he doesn’t touch the stuff, and his reason for not using deodorant is very interesting — and surprisingly convincing.

Matthew McConaughey Prefers Being Au Naturel

Matthew McConaughey had an interview on the 10 Questions with Kyle Brandt podcast which was just released today. In the episode, McConaughey and the host, Kyle Brandt, have a wide-ranging conversation that touches on how the actor got into the business in the first place, as well as some behind-the-scenes secrets from his work on Interstellar and the first season of True Detective. The moment that stood out the most, however, was McConaughey’s answer for why he didn’t believe in wearing deodorant or cologne.

Well…as we’ve come to know, most deodorant’s not good for you. The under of your arms is an actual pore, a large pore, which you can ingest chemicals from. All in the name of a bit of vanity, to say ‘Hey, I want to smell like somebody else.’

Matthew McConaughey wears a brown suit to the screening of White Boy Rick

More Water, Less Stinky Sweat

McConaughey continued, “If you’re drinking enough water, you should be alright. The sweat’s ok, it’s not gonna have too much of a scent that’s gonna run somebody off.” As for why he doesn’t like cologne, McConaughey said he didn’t like the idea of wearing a smell made by someone else. “I hope you don’t want me with a certain cologne on me, that’s telling you going, ‘Oh my gosh you really smell like Chanel.’ No, my name’s Matthew actually. You can go over to Chanel if you want to smell like Chanel.”

But no thank you. I don’t really want someone else’s scent on me or on my loved one’s noses.

It honestly makes a strange sort of sense, though we’re probably not going to take that advice up right away. It would be interesting to know just how long McConaughey has held these views and if he’s latched onto them more as he’s gotten older and wiser. Whatever the case, McConaughey probably smells alright, alright, alright. Sorry, we had to do it.

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