Tabloids have crafted an image of Meghan Markle to be a money-obsessed power-hungry jealous woman who can do no right. The unfair personification is on full display in a recent tabloid story about her becoming obsessed with Kim Kardashian. Is Markle really this fixated with fame? Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Fame-Hungry Meghan Obsessed With Kim’

According to Life & Style, Markle is obsessed with earning more money than Kardashian. An insider close to Markle said “she dreams of becoming a billionaire… but even richer” than Kardashian. “While Meghan was expected to do everything in the name of the monarchy after marrying Harry in 2018, she’s made big plans for herself,” the tabloid says. The Netflix deal was just the first in a slew of moves to become bigger than Kardashian.

With Keeping Up with the Kardashians coming to an end, it would be a natural time for the Sussexes to fill that void. “Rumors have been swirling for months that she and Harry are doing a reality show,” an insider says. Markle is also reportedly “considering Botox and fillers” to even look like Kardashian.

One thing Markle is struggling to replicate, a source says, is Kardashian’s easygoing nature when it comes to haters. “The nasty things said hurt [Markle’s] feelings,” an insider said, and Markle apparently “loves how Kim shrugs off critics like they don’t exist.” This all puts Prince Harry in a tough spot, the outlet argues, because “he respects Kim but doesn’t get the obsession with her.”

There Is No Reality Show

This trashy story is wrong on so many levels. The cover photo is from 2016. Markle has made it clear that she will not take part in a KUWTK type show. Gossip Cop already busted this very tabloid for claiming Markle was trying to turn her baby Archie into a reality TV star. A spokesperson for the royal couple stated: “The Duke and Duchess are not taking part in any reality shows.”

Apart from being successful female philanthropists, Markle and Kardashian have very little in common. Markle doesn’t even have any social media accounts, so this is all just preposterous. She moved to the United States specifically to get away from cameras, not to go towards them. It also takes a tremendous amount of strength to put up with the copious amounts of negative press Markle receives, so it’s extremely patronizing to just say these ridiculously hateful stories “hurt her feelings.”

Plus, saying Markle would get Botox and fillers to mimic Kardashian is just stupid, sexist, and untrue. It would never say that Prince Harry was getting liposuction to look more like a reality star, not in a million years.

Markle has never expressed any sort of obsession with Kardashian. The two run in largely different circles, but it’s worth noting that Kardashian has come to Markle’s defense over her unfair treatment from the tabloids. There’s a lot to admire about Kardashian, including the capacity for empathy, but Gossip Cop can conclude this story is just not true.

Other Awful Stories From This Tabloid

This tabloid has no royal insight at all and its insiders should not be trusted. It recently claimed that Prince Harry was being stripped of all his titles, but that didn’t happen. It also said Kate Middleton was going to do a tell-all interview, but that also never happened.

This tabloid also can’t leave Markle’s finances alone. It now calls her money-obsessed, but back in April, it exclaimed that she was broke and practically homeless. Markle is trying to lead her life as removed from stupid stories that try to make her look as vain as possible, just like this one. No wonder she’s not on Instagram.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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