Meghan Markle was once an actress trying to make her way in Hollywood. Is one raunchy video she made in her early career coming back to bite her? Gossip Cop investigates.

Tries To Pull Old Lewd Video

According to New Idea, a video of Markle “posing seductively for a men’s video have resurfaced.” She’s “desperate” to get the “sizzling film” pulled from YouTube. The tabloid points to a 2013 Men’s Health video featuring a scantily clad Markle making a sultry look and biting lips. A source says “Meghan can’t stand that video,” and adds that “it’s so cringe.”

Markle made the video, this source says, “for publicity and to boost their resumes.” Now that Markle has gotten married and “[engineered] herself as a feminist icon,’ it’s a video she cannot afford to have out there. Men’s Health is refusing the request, as “it’s a valuable advertising revenue stream for them.”

The Video isn’t Old, Nor Has It Been ‘Leaked’

Before Markle became a princess, she was an actress who did some shoots for Men’s Health. Back in 2013, they put together a video of her flipping burgers. By definition, this cannot be called a leak, as the video has been out in the world since 2013. Gossip Cop is busting this story because it’s not new, it’s not a leak, and Markle has never expressed embarrassment or regret over her past.

It’s Not Exactly Advertised

The tabloid makes this video out to be a cornerstone of Men’s Health. It’s not even one of the twenty most-viewed videos on the site’s YouTube page, and it hasn’t been mentioned at all by the publication since it was reposted in 2018. Really, very little would be lost by removing the video. Besides, it’s not like the duchess is nude or doing anything lewd. It’s a fairly tame video, by internet standards.

Markle Shouldn’t Be Ashamed

This tabloid believes this video is something Markle ought to be ashamed of, and that she can’t be a “feminist icon” with it in the world. This says more about New Idea than it does the Duchess of Sussex. Whether or not you should be ashamed for modeling is certainly up for debate, but it’s safe to say Markle’s status as a feminist isn’t. She ran a blog with a crystal clear feminist message prior to becoming a princess as well, but that doesn’t fit with this bogus narrative so it goes unmentioned.

Tabloid Has A History Of Hating Meghan Markle

This tabloid consistently attacks Markle with every issue. It recently said she was left living in a hotel while her marriage fell apart. His marriage is doing great, and she’s expected to return to England with Prince Harry soon. A body language expert was consulted and concluded there were big problems between the two. When the only evidence you have is that Prince Harry looks down during a Zoom call, it’s safe to say you have no evidence at all.

Markle was also said to be pestering Interview With The Vampire stars Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt about getting film roles. Markle is actually moving into production, and she’s never needed Pitt to get work for her. This “raunchy” video is just an obscure part of Markle’s past. As she continues to raise her family, it will be lost to time.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.

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