Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa were an incredible duo together, but their parting of ways left a bad taste in a lot of fans mouths. In the years since there have been a lot of rumors about the two’s relationship. One outlet reported that the two’s supposed hatred for one another reignited this summer. Here’s what happened.

The ‘Explosive Feud’ Between Ripa And Strahan Reignited?

In a story from this summer, In Touch published a story titled, “Kelly & Michael’s Feud Explodes Again!” The magazine reported that Strahan was “telling all” about his frustrations with Live, pointing to his comments about feeling like a “sidekick” and his inability to speak up without seeming threatening while he worked for ABC. Apparently, this is what reignited the fight between the two, with Ripa being furious over Strahan’s statements. “Everyone knows his exit was messy, and now he’s added more fuel to the fire,” an unnamed insider explained. “Kelly thinks he’s hitting below the belt because of today’s cancel-culture atmosphere.”

She thought they’d put all the drama behind them, but their feud is exploding again.

The source added that it’s a complicated mess of feelings for the former coworkers. “If Michael had a problem, he certainly never voiced it, and Kelly resents him bringing it up now in such a public forum,” they argued. “She doesn’t want to address his comments publicly. It’s a no-win situation on her part. There’s no way she’s going to attack Michael.” The outlet reported that there at least wasn’t any extra drama between Ripa and Strahan’s replacement. “Kelly is focusing on how happy she is with Ryan Seacrest as her co-host,” the anonymous tipster concluded. “But there are definitely still hard feelings, and they’ve just been stirred up again. This feud is far from over.”

Michael Strahan Doesn’t Hate Kelly Ripa

This isn’t exactly an uncommon rumor. Strahan and Ripa’s awkward situation has spawned obscene amounts of speculation and gossip about the show and their relationship. Sometimes Strahan is the one struggling to deal with a diva, while other stories argue that Ripa was overlooked and disrespected. While it’s clear that Strahan’s departure from Live obviously rocked the boat at the time, there’s nothing supporting these claims of a reignited feud — in fact, the “feud” has been settled for years now.

Kelly Ripa doesn’t want to publicly address Strahan’s comments because she has no reason to do so, nor is there any sign that she thinks that working conditions are the cutoff for polite conversation. The former NFL star did nothing close to “throwing fuel on the fire” or anything similar — he spoke out about his situation, explained his side of things, and clarified that there’s no feud.

There’s a lot more to the story than the tabloid lets on, and in its incomplete retelling, it misses what’s really important. There were a number of factors behind Strahan’s departure, but mostly, it was at the behest of network executives. There was no explosive fight or workplace hostility. They may not be best friends, but there’s no truth to the hatred that the tabloid is attempting to stir. As the former defensive end himself said earlier this year, “I don’t hate her… I cannot say enough about how good she is at her job.”

In Touch‘s industry insiders also claimed Ellen DeGeneres was being abandoned by her celebrity friends, despite the fact that dozens took to social media to defend her. It made up bogus drama between Chip and Joanna Gaines and their upcoming Magnolia Network. Given that it can’t even be right when it comes to a years-old “feud,” there’s no reason to trust this outlet.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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