Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis quickly became one of everyone’s favorite Hollywood couples, but their connection to Kutcher’s ex-wife is a hot topic for gossip. Demi Moore’s been pretty genuine and brave when it comes to talking about some of the more personal details of her life, but one magazine seemed to think that her penchant for openness is putting pressure on her ex-husband and his new wife.

Mila Kunis Reached Her ‘Breaking Point’ With Moore

“Mila’s Fury Over ‘Sex Mad’ Demi” was the headline of New Idea’s blurb about the three stars. According to the magazine, Kunis “has reached her breaking point over Demi Moore’s plans to spill all her sex secrets on her new erotic podcast.”

A “worried pal” also told the magazine that Kunis had “already suffered humiliation” after the 2019 release of Moore’s “warts and all biography.” Now, they argued, the That ’70s Show icon was “freaking out” over the possibility of having more secrets about her husband’s sex life given to the public. “It’s just too much but there’s nothing they can do about it,” the insider concluded, adding,

Mila never shows it, but she’s always been deeply insecure about Demi and this is her idea of a nightmare.

Demi Moore’s Podcast Is Erotic … And Fictional

We have a better hypothesis as to why Kunis never shows her “deeply insecure” side when it comes to Moore — it doesn’t exist. There’s more to say about the three’s relationships with one another, but let’s clear up this “erotic podcast” plot. Mila Kunis has literally nothing to be worried about. The podcast is scripted and based on the life and experiences of Shana Feste, who’s directing the audio production. Moore is lending her acting talents and sultry voice, but not her personal life. That’s always been clear, so this story is built on misleading claims from the get-go.

Gossip Cop has looked into countless rumors that were sure that Demi Moore would somehow drive a wedge between Kutcher and Kunis or that she was attempting to hurt them in some way. As we’ve mentioned time and time again, Kunis has made it clear that she and her husband sat down before exchanging vows and shared all their secrets. There are no surprises lurking for Kunis.

Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Are Still Fine

This is an easy narrative to make up, and it’s one that Life & Style seems to love. The tabloid just claimed that Reese Witherspoon’s marriage was in trouble on account of her ex, Ryan Phillippe. Prior to that, it reported that Courtney Cox’s relationship with Johnny McDaid was questionable because she still had feelings for ex-husband David Arquette. Life & Style has even done this with Demi Moore, saying that Bruce Willis’ wife was ready to fight with Moore over her husband. None of those were true, and no marriage is getting torn apart by Moore.

The tabloid literally spent most of 2019 publishing article after article about how Ashton Kutcher would undoubtedly divorce Mila Kunis before pivoting at the tail end of the year to stories about them struggling when it became clear that they weren’t going to split. Now, it certainly seems like the magazine is moving on to making up ex drama, so we can’t wait to see what nonsense the outlet invents for next year.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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