Last year, a tabloid claimed Miley Cyrus was “secretly in love” with Kristen Stewart for years. Gossip Cop looked into the rumor when it came out. Here’s a look back on the story and what we uncovered.

Miley Cyrus Secretly Lusted After Kristen Stewart?

Last November, NW reported Cyrus was lusting after Stewart. According to the tabloid’s source, the Snow White and The Huntsman actress was “Miley’s biggest life crush. She’s been trying to date her since before her foam finger days, but it was never the right time.” The insider continued after Cyrus’ shocking split from Liam Hemsworth, the pop singer tried to hook up with the Panic Room actress, but it couldn’t happen. The former Disney star, the magazine maintained, was then forced into romances with Kaitlynn Carter and Cody Simpson.

“Miley left Liam because she’s never been able to get Kristen out of her head,” the source revealed. The insider added Cyrus saw Stewart at the Oscars that year and “it reignited feelings. It pretty much forced the end of her marriage a few months later.” The source further divulged when Stewart spoke on The Howard Stern Show in 2019 about her eagerness to marry Dylan Meyer, Cyrus was devastated. The tipster claimed Cyrus was “mourning” and Simpson was “unaware.”

Was Miley Pinning Over Kristen All This Time? Here’s The Truth

Gossip Cop busted the story when it came out. We ran the report by a source close to the situation, who dismissed the tabloid’s piece as total fiction. Additionally, Miley Cyrus dating Cody Simpson at the time, and despite what the magazine alleged, the two weren’t forced into dating because Cyrus couldn’t have Kristen Stewart. Years ago, Cyrus did state that Charlie’s Angels star was “hot,” to which Stewart said she “felt accomplished.” It’s clear though, the singer’s remarks weren’t because she was in love with her. The pop star could’ve simply been complimenting the actress. Even if Cyrus did have a crush on Stewart, the “Wrecking Ball” singer has been in relationships with other people since she made that comment.

NW isn’t the most trustworthy source when it comes to Cyrus. Last year, the tabloid also alleged Cyrus secretly hated Stewart for years. Clearly, the magazine has a hard time keeping up with its lies. How can it contend the actress hated the Hannah Montana star but then switch its narrative to Cyrus being infatuated with Stewart? Gossip Cop busted the publication for also asserting Cyrus was secretly engaged to Simpson last year. It’s obvious the tabloid doesn’t have a clue about Miley Cyrus’ personal life.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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