Paris Jackson has announced that her first single as a solo artist, “Let Down”, will drop this Friday, and now every Michael Jackson fan is waiting with bated breath to see whether or not the legend’s daughter has inherited his musical talent.

Everything We Know About Paris Jackson’s Solo Music

Jackson took to Instagram to share the exciting news with her fans. “F–king stoked to announce that my first single as a solo artist, Let Down, will be released this Friday,” she writes. “So thankful to my close friends, family, and work colleagues for always supporting me and encouraging me to do what makes me the happiest, and that is making music.”

The preview of the track only reveals an instrumental clip—no vocals. But Jackson, 22, is masterfully building suspense by providing a backstory before its release.

“[Grateful for] the people here online who have been so kind and supportive and loving,” she continues. “This song means a lot to me because even though it’s a small part in a much larger story, I poured my heart and soul into it. This song is my baby and I’ve found so much hope and healing through creating this, and I hope it brings joy to others.”

Tabloids Love Paris Jackson

All eyes have been on Jackson since birth, and her complicated journey has been well-documented—and often misreported. Over the years, tabloids have spread all kinds of misinformation about Jackson, from rumors about her love life to hurtful claims she was going to rehab after Demi Lovato. Most recently, we debunked a bogus tabloid story that suggested Jackson wanted to get DNA tested to prove Elizabeth Taylor is her biological mother, not Debbie Rowe.

Paris Jackson’s Blossoming Career

Contrary to reports of a chaotic private life, the last few years have seen her professional career blossom. She made her acting debut in 2017 with a guest-starring role on FOX’s Star; the following year she made her feature film debut in Gringo. That same year, she formed The Soundflowers with her former partner, guitarist Gabriel Glenn. “Let Down” hints at a folk-pop sound that’s similar to the duo’s self-titled EP, which was released in June.

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