How taxes work differs significantly from country to country. The United Kingdom has a more streamlined approach where the burden is on the government to inform its citizens how much they owe, whereas the United States has that arrangement flipped. It’s an annual headache all people living in America, now including Prince Harry, have to take on.

Royals Will Have To Pay Taxes Too

According to the Globe, the Duke of Sussex and his “high-maintenance wife” are “liable for federal and California state taxes” since they’ve lived in the US for over six months. The tabloid speculates on exactly how much they will owe, and naturally, it arrives at a staggering total: $26 million.” They’re in the upper tax bracket,” an insider says, so they’ll owe a lot of income back to the state for the Netflix deal.

Uhh… Yeah, He’ll Have To Pay Taxes. Everybody Does

This tabloid didn’t need to consult tax experts or so-called “insiders” to know that Prince Harry would be paying taxes this year. For one thing, Meghan Markle, the “high-maintenance wife” in question, has lived in America most of her life and obviously knows this. Prince Harry may be a prince and in the line of succession to the throne, but does the tabloid expect me to think he’s so snooty that he wouldn’t know about taxes?

The tabloid doesn’t even go so far as to say Prince Harry is clueless. It just claims she’ll have to pay a lot in taxes. Uhh, yeah? He’s a millionaire, so he’s good for it. Prince Harry likely has more than one accountant to ensure he won’t be totally financially ruined by paying a fair share.

This story was only published to make Prince Harry look like an elitist who is getting some kind of comeuppance by speculating how much he will have to pay. The so-called “insiders” also make no mention of the charitable donations made by the couple, which would significantly impact their tax return. Instead, it’s just a hit piece.

Tabloid Despises The Sussexes

The “tax horror” story is an extension of this tabloid’s obsession with Prince Harry’s finances. When it’s not saying he sufferers from PTSD, the tabloid publishes stories about how he can’t get a job at McDonalds or how he’d make money by selling weed. He’s a producer and public speaker, so why would he need to pursue work like this in the first place? This tabloid, like most tabloids, has absolutely no insight into the Duke of Sussex’s financial situation.

Markle’s exorbitant haircut budget is another example of this tabloid’s hatred of this couple. It also said she was suffering from depression after giving birth, which is simply not true. Two things are clear to Gossip Cop from this mountain of bogus stories: Globe unfairly targets the Sussexes with malicious stories, and the “insiders” it claims to have close to the family are either made-up or know nothing at all.

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