Tabloids expend so much energy tearing Prince Harry and Prince William apart. One report claims that the two are now reunited! While that would be nice, Gossip Cop has our suspicions. Here’s what we found.

‘Reunited After 298 Days’

The cover of New Idea claims that the two brothers have had a “secret reunion.” The article says “it appears Prince Harry is finally ready to make peace with his family.” Remembrance Day was a frustrating time for the Duke of Sussex, who longed to be with his family and to support Prince William after learning that he “secretly fought COVID-19 earlier this year.”

The tabloid reports that Prince Harry “is planning on jetting into the UK as soon as possible,” restrictions be damned. “The big question is whether [Meghan Markle] will turn up when Harry does decide to return,” a source postulates. The article concludes by saying “it’s fair to assume she’s not interested in repairing relations with the royal family.”

‘Shock New Pics’

The cover of this tabloid claims to have “shock new pics” of the royal brothers but delivers nothing. There’s a photo on the cover of Prince William and Prince Harry post-workout, but this appears to be from a 2015 soccer match the two took part in. Prince Harry is wearing a different top, but both appear to be holding red-looking cleats. They’re also not wearing masks and the photo cannot be found on any other reputable website that would clamor for photos of the princes.

There’s another photo provided of Prince Harry boarding an airplane beside the caption: “Prince Harry is desperate to return to the UK and plans on a plane back as soon as possible.” This photo is not new either, as it’s from a 2018 Fiji trip. You can tell because the duke is wearing no mask and a short-sleeve shirt in a photo that the tabloid wants you to think is from England in November. These shock new pics are not new, nor shocking.

Absolutely Nothing To This Story

The cover of this tabloid claims to have pictures of a secret reunion, but the article says Prince Harry is only planning a trip. Everything about Markle is strictly assumptions and speculation, so there’s truly nothing to this story. Not only is there no evidence, but there’s barely even a claim. We know the brothers have not reunited, or photos would be plastered everywhere. Gossip Cop sees this as a blatant bait-and-switch story.

Other Bait-And-Switches About The Royals

We’re not surprised that this tabloid would not back up its cover claim, as it’s notorious for these kinds of stories. It claimed to have leaked divorce papers from the Sussexes, but it was really divorce papers from Markle’s first marriage, which ended in 2013. It then reported that Markle was in jail, only for the article to say she was willing to go to jail. It used a photo of Queen Elizabeth at the airport when it claimed that she had touched down in LA, but that story was just about the queen planning a trip.

There’s even more of these bait-and-switches. It claimed to have an exclusive interview with Kate Middleton, but it delivered an interview about Kate Middleton. It used a years-old photo of a pregnant Meghan Markle to say that she had walked out on Prince Harry. The actual article didn’t mention the pregnancy at all, only that she was spending a lot of time at a local restaurant.

This tabloid clearly has no insiders within the royal family. It can only publish misleading stories because it knows nothing at all. Prince Harry is still in the US and no reunion, secret or otherwise, is happening soon.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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