Country music legend Reba McEntire is currently dating CSI: Miami star Rex Linn. One tabloid claims the two may split soon over Linn’s eating habits. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Reba Ready To Chew Out Her Gobbler Boyfriend’

According to the National Enquirer, Linn is “a junk food junkie” who has McEntire “worried he’s digging his own grave with a knife and fork.” The “Fancy” singer “loves Rex and he’s the sweetest guy in the universe, but it’s just troubling the way he eats everything in sight.” A source says that his issues aren’t “just how much he heats, it’s what he eats.”

McEntire thinks Linn’s high-calorie appetite could kill him, so “she’s desperate for him to lose at least 25 pounds.” A “sensible, mostly vegetarian diet” is her plan to save her “six-foot-four chunk.” The article concludes by noting that “she’s trying to talk to him gently about his bad eating habits because it’s scaring the heck out of her.”

She’s Fine With His Weight

This is a standard fat-shaming story that has very little going on beyond calling Linn fat in as many ways as possible. There is no hard evidence presented that McEntire is worried about Linn’s weight, and it relies solely on questionable testimony from so-called sources. A few days ago, McEntire shared some photos on Instagram of herself and Linn going to the movies.

She brings Linn what appears to be a soda, Reese’s Pieces, and an extra-large popcorn — sounds like a pretty fun night out! That doesn’t look like what you’d buy someone when you think they’re about to eat themselves to death. This story is completely made-up and shouldn’t be taken seriously, for McEntire and Linn look very happy together.

Other Bogus McEntire Stories

This story comes one month after this very tabloid said McEntire was suffocating Linn with texts and overall neediness. Gossip Cop will give this tabloid a kernel of credit for continuity, as McEntire sounds controlling in both stories, but they’re also both works of fiction. Like this story, that one was easily debunked by checking social media, where Linn and McEntire are all smiles.

When it’s not trying to create Linn-based drama, this tabloid has tried inventing a feud between McEntire and Dolly Parton despite the two famously being close friends. This is the same outlet that also said that Parton may never sing again the same week she released new music. Clearly, this is not a trustworthy source for news about Parton or McEntire.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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