A tabloid claims Angelina Jolie has a “revenge romance” brewing with a fellow actor. The magazine reports the actress was caught kissing Mickey Rourke. Gossip Cop investigates the story.

Mickey Rourke Is Angelina Jolie’s New Man?

In a new report from New Idea, the publication alleges Angelina Jolie is giving up her single card and dipping her toe back into the dating pool. At first, the magazine asserts the actress was caught kissing Mickey Rourke and uses a photo of the two sharing a smooch as proof a romance was blossoming between the two. However, upon further reading, the story takes a different turn. According to a source, Jolie is seeking revenge against her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, and the actress “wants to hook up” with someone close to her former spouse to add “extra salt” in the wound.

Angelina’s ‘Revenge’ Against Brad Pitt?

The source continues, “Given most of her besties are in relationships, she’s had to look further afield, and she thinks she’s found the one, for her intents and purposes anyway.” The insider reveals Pitt’s old pal, Rourke, is the one the Changeling actress wants to hook up with and though he’s not her type, Jolie knows it will “get Brad riled up.” The outlet then mentions the picture used in the narrative where Rourke and Jolie shared a kiss, but the peck took place at the Academy Awards… in 2009!

The tabloid claims Pitt reportedly “hit the roof” over the moment and Jolie is hoping to “recreate” that fury. The informant adds whenever Rourke and Jolie run into each other at award nights or parties, “Mickey is super handsy with Angelina and she shows no signs of rebuffing his moves.” The story concludes with the tipster stating, “The thing about Ange is she knows exactly where to hurt Brad and will do anything to raise his temperature.”

The Truth Behind Angelina And Mickey’s ‘Kiss’

Gossip Cop, however, is debunking this phony report. First, the tabloid uses a classic bait and switch by alleging Angelina Jolie and Mickey Rourke were romantically involved. Then, the outlet changes its tune and asserts Jolie is just thinking about “hooking up” with the Rumble Fish actor. To make matters worse, the publication uses an old photo of Jolie and Rourke’s “kissing” as evidence. So, which is the truth? We’re going to go with none of it. Plus, Rourke is currently dating Anastassija Makarenko, so the actor isn’t even single.

Anastassija Makarenko on the left in a peach dress, Mickey Rourke on the right in a checkered suit.

It’s impossible to trust the tabloids, as usual. For instance, two years ago, Gossip Cop busted New Idea’s sister publication for claiming Jolie was “secretly” dating Keanu Reeves. We dismissed the same magazine again for asserting Jolie was having secret sleepovers with Bradley Cooper. Clearly, these outlets can’t keep up with its own lies and deceitful narratives.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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