Has Catherine Zeta-Jones “ordered” her 76-year-old husband Michael Douglas to get a facelift? A tabloid insisted that the Zorro star was totally turned off by her husband of 20 years’ sagging skin and unkempt appearance after Douglas got “sloppy” during lockdown. Gossip Cop looked into the rumor and came to a different conclusion.

Michael Douglas Too ‘Jowly’ For Catherine Zeta-Jones?

The Globe recently reported that “sex siren” Catherine Zeta-Jones was adamant that Michael Douglas “go under the knife and get his sagging face tightened.” Sources snitched that although Douglas wasn’t a “stranger to nips and tucks,” his face had become “jowly” and Zeta-Jones was no longer asking, “she’s telling him!”

Michael Douglas, in a beige suit jacket, attends the BAFTAs with Catherine Zeta-Jones, in a strapless dress

He’s had facelifts before but they’ve worn off and he looks terrible. His jowls are loose, his cheeks look sunken and his earlobes are droopy, which all spell YUCK to Catherine.

According to the questionable insider, Zeta-Jones “misses that silver fox she married 20 years ago.” Douglas’ aging face was supposedly beginning to have negative effects on the couple’s love life, the source continued. Even though she “loves him no matter what,” she still “prefers it when he’s all pulled together, especially if he expects her to feel romantic towards him.”

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas attend the Academy Awards in 2001

Douglas Letting Himself Go —Source

Lockdown led to Douglass getting “sloppy about his appearance,” so the source provided some tips on how the Fatal Attraction actor could spruce himself up. Douglas, the insider asserted, “needs to look after himself better” and suggested that “another facelift would definitely do the trick.”

Plus he needs to shave every day and it would also be nice if he trimmed his hair and added some highlights to the dull gray.

Zeta-Jones, on the other hand, “takes very good care of herself and gets a little help here and there to maintain without it looking totally obvious.” The source insisted that Douglas “realizes his looks are slipping” and has admitted “he may have let himself go during lockdown.” In order to keep up with his stunning wife, Douglas was supposedly willing to do whatever it takes “to keep his love life white-hot.”

His makeover is long over-due and he’s got the money and the time to make Catherine happy!

He Looks The Same As Ever

Well, it’s been several weeks, and it doesn’t seem as if Michael Douglas has gotten any work done on his face in his most recent Instagram postings. That’s not the only plot hole in this tabloid’s faulty narrative. If Douglas had previously gotten facelifts or other cosmetic surgical procedures, why would his wife need to “order” him to do so again? Especially since the outlet itself claimed that Douglas wasn’t opposed to getting work done. Also, it’s incredibly toxic, not to mention insulting, for the Globe to describe a very normal aging process as something disgusting.

Tabloids have been speculating about how Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas’ marriage is going for years. Many of these disreputable outlets have tried to claim that the couple’s 25-year age gap has somehow negatively affect their marriage. These ageist assaults on the pair don’t seem to have had any effect on their relationship, despite the insistence from trashy supermarket magazines.

This outlet in particular has been particularly dishonest about the famous spouses. The Globe once claimed that their marriage was in trouble because Douglas was “crushing” on his Ant-Man and the Wasp co-star Michelle Pfeiffer. That was absolutely not true, and Zeta-Jones and Douglas’ marriage has never been stronger. The tabloid also claimed last year that Douglas had only "months" to live due to his diagnosis of tongue cancer. He’s alive and well all these many months later, proving that the outlet had no clue what it was talking about.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.

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