Did Halle Berry try to take on her “rival” Jennifer Lopez by launching her own health and wellness app? One tabloid reported that the two leading ladies compete with each other on every level, including which one has the “best body” in Hollywood. Gossip Cop looked into the “rivalry” between Lopez and Berry and came to a far different conclusion.

Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez’s Secret ‘Rivalry’

The National Enquirer is prone to publishing nonsensical stories, but their latest report concerning actress Halle Berry’s relationship with famed songstress Jennifer Lopez is beyond bizarre. A suspicious source for the outlet said,

They’ve always been intensely competitive with each other for roles and attention, but Oscar winner Halle has taken on a new commitment to fitness and feels like this is one more way for her to one-up her rival!

Yes, when we speak about someone we know intimately, we also use totally natural phrases like “Oscar winner” to describe them. Either this “source” is the most unnatural speaker on the face of the earth, or, as is much more likely, the outlet completely made it up.

Real Reason Halle Berry Released Her New App?

Regardless, the outlet continued, claiming that in answer to Lopez’ line of women’s fitness clothing, which she began back in 2010, Berry released her own health and wellness app, Re-Spin, in April. Despite there being a solid decade in between the two ventures, the tabloid insisted that Berry launched the app in order to take “on the Hustlers honey.”

In addition to the dueling app and fitness clothing line, Berry was also trying to one-up her rival on Instagram by posting photos of her admittedly ripped body and intense workout routine. Lopez, meanwhile, was being accused of using “airbrushed images.” Lopez might be feeling the heat, but Berry was keeping it cool, the source continued.

Halle is proud of her body and pushing herself to new limits with her exercise regimen. She wants to show off what she’s accomplished — and let people know she accomplished it 100 percent naturally!

Finally, the source concluded, “If she can give J.Lo a bit of a nudge in the process — that’s pure gravy!” This article was strung together with the thinnest possible argument, so it’s no wonder that just a few inaccuracies and illogical inconsistencies became its downfall.

First of all, how would Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez be rivals? Lopez is known, first and foremost, for her music, though she has enjoyed quite a successful career as an actress as well. Berry, on the other hand, dedicated herself to her acting career early in life and has consistently progressed to become the legendary actress that she is today. It seems impossible that two women with as many accomplishments as these two share would engage in petty battles over who has “Hollywood’s best body.” These are two grown women with children of their own, not high schoolers or sorority girls on spring break.

Also, where has the Enquirer been? Berry has been heavily into health and fitness for much of her career, especially since she’s had a lot of action-heavy roles which she’s taken a lot of time to prepare for. It’s utter nonsense to suggest that Berry keeps fit as a way to thumb her nose at Lopez.

The Enquirer has a habit of publishing false information about Halle Berry in particular. The tabloid once claimed that Daniel Craig and his wife were trying to play matchmaker with Berry and her John Wick: Chapter 3 co-star Keanu Reeves. Gossip Cop checked in with a rep for Craig, who told us there was “no truth” to the rumor. This tabloid isn’t exactly known for their dedication to the truth.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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