Hugh Jackman and his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness were unlucky to be living in New York City right when the pandemic struck. As COVID-19 lurches on, one tabloid claims they are desperate to return to Australia. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Living In Fear’

According to Woman’s Day, Jackman and Furness are “coming back to Australia” as soon as they can. The tabloid quotes Fyrness directly, saying “we’re desperate to come home as soon as we can.” The couple and their two kids “have been holed up in their $6 million apartments as the coronavirus pandemic ravages New York.”

Part of their fear comes from the rising crime rate. An insider told the tabloid “they want to feel safe in their city and they just don’t.” Furness herself mentioned, “helicopters overhead and protests and arrests” near where she and Jackman live. Her final plea to Australia: “let us in!”

Furness Did Say These Things

Furness recently did an interview with The Morning Show in Australia to promote her charity, Adopt Change. Furness said “we would love to come home,” but no mention of any rising crime rate or $6 million apartments. This tabloid story took a brief comment out of context and added a bunch of bogus details so it sounded devious.

They’re Sticking Around

While Furness told an Australian talk show that she’d love to be home in Australia, the two aren’t actually going to do so for some time. Jackman is still set to star in The Music Man on Broadway, which has been pushed back to April 2021. Jackman and Furness are not “living in fear” over COVID-19 either. Jackman spoke to ET Canada about how the pandemic has helped him learn about what’s really important in life.

Tabloid Is Repeating Itself

Gossip Cop busted this tabloid for a very similar not long ago. It said Furness had “feelings of resentment” toward her husband because the two were stuck in New York. There’s a popular narrative about Jackman relocating to Australia, but a rep for Jackman has assured Gossip Cop that this narrative is fabricated.

Other Bogus Jackman Stories

This tabloid loves pushing drama about Furness and Jackman. It claimed Furness was furious because Jackman was flirting with Brooke Shields. Just a week later it switched from Shields to co-star Rebecca Ferguson. Jackman and Furness have been married for over 24 years now. Clearly, they have a relationship that works and one that won’t be shaken because Jackman kisses his co-stars in movies.

While it is true that Furness said she wanted to return to Australia, this tabloid made-up every single other detail of this story and robbed the comments of their context. Furness simply misses her home country but won’t be moving any time soon.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.

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