Seldom do tabloids venture into the realm of the supernatural, but one tabloid reports that Kanye West is going to clone himself. One West is more than enough for not just Kim Kardashian but also the world. Gossip Cop investigates what would be a scientific miracle.

‘Will This Nightmare Never End?’

Calling it an “extremely Kanye thing to do,” Heat reports that the “Touch The Sky’ rapper “plans to clone himself.” After failing to become the President of the United States, the tabloid says “he’s got a new plan for world domination: replicating himself.” An insider tells the tabloid “Kanye is not shy about proclaiming his genius to people, and he wants to breed a new army of clones using his DNA.”

West is already taking the necessary steps: “he’s talking to scientists, exploring the cost and learning all about the two types of human cloning that currently exist: reproductive and therapeutic.” West has assured the scientist that “money’s no object,’ and that “it’s his duty to keep himself on the planet after his death.” The article concludes by saying “an army of mini-Kanye’s doesn’t even sound that weird this year.”


What a story Heat. Tabloids make up narrative all the time, but rarely does Gossip Cop see tales as wild as this one. “A new army of clones?” Just amazing stuff.

Do we really need to say this is false? West has never expressed interest in cloning himself, nor has he expressed interest in world domination or immortality. He took his 2020 election loss in stride, but it would be scientifically impossible for him to create voting-aged clones of himself by 2024.

Can We Even Clone Someone?

Human cloning is possible, but scientists have no reason to clone people because it’s both impractical and unethical. Even if West were to recreate himself through reproductive cloning, the best-case scenario would result in a twin version of West, not an exact replica, and that would be in maybe 1 in 10 tries, if it worked at all. West’s legacy will love in through his children and his music, but not through an army of clones.

Tabloid Doesn’t Care For West

This story is an outlandish attack on West’s ego. Every couple of weeks this tabloid runs another bogus story about West. Usually, they’re centered around his marriage and not cloning.

Heat claimed Kardashian was going to adopt a child without her husband, and then said West had given her an ultimatum: “[Kris Jenner] or me.” West celebrated Kardashian’s 40th birthday with Kris Jenner and a hologram of Robert Kardashian, but no new baby was there.

This cloning story cannot be taken seriously. It is a good reminder that whenever this tabloid claims to have insiders close to West, just remember that those same supposed sources said he wanted to clone himself.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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