When Prince William revealed to the world that he had contracted COVID-19, many of us were surprised and dismayed. A coronavirus diagnosis is exclusively bad news, but according to one tabloid, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s predominant reaction was anger. Were the Sussexes’s angry that Prince Willaim “lied” to them?” Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Fury Over Royal Hypocrisy’

According to Heat, “aside from the obvious concern about his brother, the main emotion in Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle’s household was anger” at the news that Prince William and contracted the coronavirus. “William essentially lied to everyone,” an insider says, and “Meghan and Harry would have been heavily criticized” if they had kept the same secret. “As far as the Sussexes are concerned, this is more evidence of a blatant agenda against them.”

The article then explains how supportive the public has been after learning of Prince William’s diagnosis, with the “soft treatment” being unsurprising for the Sussexes, “but that doesn’t mean they find it acceptable.” When the Sussxees delayed news of their pregnancy with Archie, “headlines screamed they were “seriously misleading” everyone,” the tabloid says. The tabloid does say that “when the news broke about William’s diagnosis, Harry and Meghan reached out to see if he was OK,” but the whole response to the diagnosis has only “reinforced that they definitely did the right thing” by leaving England.

So… They Weren’t Angry?

This is a devious article. It wants to make the Sussexes sound selfish in the face of Prince William’s diagnosis but doesn’t make them outright villains. On the cover, it says “royal feud with Kate & Wills deepens,” but the article itself is more about a feud between the Sussxes and the tabloid press. The article says the Sussexes immediately checked up on Prince William when they learned the news, but spends the rest of its time making them sound vindictive. It’s just an inconsistent narrative, and a bit of a bait and switch.

How Would The Tabloid Know This?

What made Prince William’s announcement so shocking was that he said he got the virus back in April. This means he successfully kept the diagnosis a secret from the tabloids and the public. It’s very possible that Prince Harry knew in April that his brother was sick. How could Heat know how the Sussexes reacted to this news when they supposedly didn’t know the news to begin with?

Gossip Cop doesn’t know, but then neither does this tabloid. It claims to know which specific emotion the Sussexes felt the most predominantly, but only Markle and Prince Harry could even think about that answer. This is just another hit piece accusing the Sussexes of selfishly reacting to a health crisis, but there’s no evidence provided to back its claim.

Other Viscous Royal Myths

This tabloid exemplifies the “blatant agenda” this article alludes to. It recently claimed the Sussexes invited George and Amal Clooney to their wedding simply to increase the star power. Clooney and Prince Harry have known each other for years, so the story was preposterous. It claimed the Sussexes were in crisis with Prince Harry planning a return trip to London without Meghan Markle. The duke and duchess had been planning an English return together for a now delayed court date.

Gossip Cop also busted its report that Markle wanted to become a reality TV star. The Sussexes have made it crystal clear that they will not bring cameras into their home, and the story was only printed to make Markle look vain. All of these stories make Markle look like a villain. Only Markle would know how she felt when Prince William got COVID-19, but we’d guess she felt concern over malice.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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