From American Idol to Live wIth Kelly And Ryan, Ryan Seacrest has been a fixture of television and radio for practically this whole millennium. One tabloid reports that his life is now going out of control, with his health at risk. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Lost His Lover And Biggest Cash Cow’

According to the Globe, the “ragged” Seacrest is “turning into a bloated recluse,” with “pals thinking about an intervention.” His breakup with Shayna Taylor and the cancellation of Keeping Up with the Kardashians have reportedly resulted in him “shutting himself away for days on end, ignoring calls from friends and co-workers and only responding to texts.” A wellness intervention could be in the works, insiders say, as Seacrest’s life continues its “tragic tailspin.”

Seacrest has even started “stuffing his face with junk food,” the magazine argues. A source says that “he’s neglecting his hygiene and his workout routine” as well. Insiders point to the worries that “he’d suffered a minor stroke on American Idol” as well, so friends are also worried “he’s got health problems.” The article concludes by saying that “his friends aren’t going to let him go on this way.”

Let’s Check Instagram

This article takes a shot at Seacrest’s hygiene and says he’s an “unshaven” mess. Here’s a recent Instagram photo of Seacrest literally shaving.

To prove its point about Seacrest “stuffing his face with junk food,” the tabloid uses a photo of Seacrest eating some food. Here’s the photo, a joke about binge eating caused by election day, which Seacrest himself posted to Instagram.

The tabloid claims that Seacrest’s spiral was caused in part by the cancellation of KUWTK. Here’s a video of Seacrest discussing the end of the series where he sounds more proud than anything else.

It only took a quick look at Seacrest’s Instagram to disprove just about every single bit of this story. Seacrest continues to be as in demand as ever, and there’s no truth to this story about his life spinning out of control. A source close to Seacrest assured Gossip Cop that this was nothing more than a wildly silly story.

No Original Stories In Sight

Gossip Cop isn’t sure why Seacrest’s health is targeted so much by the tabloid, but we have noticed a pattern. The National Enquirer previously claimed that Seacrest’s health was spiraling due to the cancellation of KUWTK. Sound familiar, doesn’t it? Shortly after that, it reported that he was suffering from “acute fatigue syndrome.” We ran that fatigue story by a our trusted source close to Seacrest, who dismissed it as fabricated. Seacrest’s health has continued to be perfectly fine despite these rumors.

Ailing Celebrities Sell Magazines

The Globe loves printing stories about celebrities with health risks. It said Seacrest’s old American Idol co-star Simon Cowell may lose control of his limbs following a biking accident. While the accident did send Cowell to the hospital, there was never any risk of “failed back syndrome.” For another story about celebrity binge eating, this tabloid recently said Tyra Banks couldn’t stop eating. The fat-shaming article called Banks “tubby” and a “curvy clotheshorse” who was “crushing the scales.” A rep for Banks dismissed that story.

For another story about friends staging an intervention, this tabloid said Johnny Depp’s friends were worried that he wouldn’t make it to Christmas last year. He did make it to Christmas, and it’s hard to believe any real friends of Depp or Seacrest would speak to Globe. This story is little more than a collection of tropes aimed to tarnish Seacrest and should not be taken seriously.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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