A surprising recent report says that The Last Duel actor Matt Damon is having some personal problems due to his drinking habits. While his health apparently isn’t in jeopardy, it’s supposedly quite concerning. Here’s what’s being said.

Matt Damon Drinking Too Much?

“Fears For Matt!” declares the first issue of Star this year. Anonymous insiders call Damon’s “love of suds is causing some concerns” in his inner circle. The sources reveal that when he’s off-set, “the beer starts flowing” to a worrying degree. “He’s not putting himself in dangerous situations,” the snitch says. “He’s just slumped on the couch, watching sports for hours, only getting up to head to the fridge for another cold one.”

The magazine notes that the star “holed up” in Ireland at the start of the pandemic before noting that despite the apparent minor level of danger involved in his drinking, it’s still apparently creating problems for the Good Will Hunting star. “His wife, Luciana, and friends can’t understand why Matt always needs a beer in his hand to unwind,” the source concludes. “It’s a seven-day-a-week situation.”

Matt Damon in a black suit standing with wife Luciana in a red dress

What’s Damon Actually Up To?

While it’s a bit of a mild jab when it comes to tabloid claims, this is still an extremely problematic article. For starters, Damon isn’t lost in the lager in Ireland and wasting away. He’s been spotted visiting longtime pal Ben Affleck in Los Angeles a few times in the past few weeks, so he’s obviously not having any sort of week-long drinking sessions. It’s trashy to treat alcoholism as some sort of punchline, and padding it with the claim that it’s not too risky doesn’t change that it’s minimizing a disease.

The first half of the article attempts to use Damon’s Saturday Night Live role as Brett Kavanaugh and lines related to beer as some sort of extremely weak segue to the random pairing of the actor and drinking too much. The only real-world connection between Matt Damon and beer is the fact that he partnered with Stella Artois for a campaign promoting awareness of a water shortage in Australia a few years back, so it looks extra bad to treat his relationship with “the suds” as something concerning.

Why This Isn’t A Surprise

Star has made a habit of publishing stories that are questionable at best. In February 2019, the outlet made up a feud between Damon and Affleck after the latter star entered rehab. The magazine attempted to claim that Damon was distancing himself from his friend because he’d no longer be able to be his drinking buddy, which is all kinds of messed up. There’s nothing to worry about when it comes to the superstar actor or his relationship with his wife, and there’s no reason to pay any heed to this tabloid.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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