Is “stressed-out” Ellen DeGeneres “binge eating her way toward an early grave” over her tattered reputation and Kelly Clarkson’s daytime talk show success? One tabloid claims DeGeneres has “packed on nearly 30 pounds in 30 days” after Clarkson beat her in ratings for three weeks in a row. Gossip Cop looked into the claims and can add some clarity on the matter.

Ellen DeGeneres Eating Her Way To An ‘Early Grave’?

“Holy Cow! Tubby Ellen Gains 27 Lbs!” reads the rude headline out of the Globe. The tabloid has endlessly obsessed over Ellen DeGeneres’ toxic workplace scandal and the new year hasn’t changed that laser focus. This week, the outlet reports that the “scandal-scarred” Degeneres has taken to “binge eating” as a source of comfort. An alleged insider says,

Ellen is convinced the world has turned on her and hides in her dressing room or locks herself in her bedroom at home and eats until she can barely breathe.

Ellen DeGeneres smiling in a black jacket and white shirt

DeGeneres’ Only Comfort Is Food Says Source

“It’s the only thing that gives her any comfort these days,” the source continues, adding, “and the results speak for themselves — she’s bursting out of her clothes!” As evidence of DeGeneres’ supposed weight gain, the tabloid uses two paparazzi photos, though neither are dated. This and the word of an anonymous tipster are the only evidence put forth to justify the outlet’s claims that a “waddling” DeGeneres is “burying her sorrows by binging on junk food and milkshakes!”

The unsavory tabloid also turns to so-called “experts” who weigh in on DeGeneres’ physique. At the very tail end of the article, in small italic script, the outlet acknowledges that none of these “experts” and “doctors” have ever treated DeGeneres, though that didn’t stop them from claiming the talk show host weighed a “scale-smashing 172 pounds!” One even goes so far as to claim that DeGeneres was at risk of “permanent organ damage — or death!” A “longevity expert” also makes disparaging comments about DeGeneres’ “belly fat.”

The alleged drastic change in Ellen DeGeneres’ weight has everything to do with the aftermath of her workplace scandal as the rise in popularity of The Kelly Clarkson Show. “Ellen thought when she returned to the show in September and apologized to her audience everything would blow over,” the source proclaims. “But many viewers have abandoned her for Kelly, and she drew even MORE criticism when she tried to push off much of the blame on the producers she fired. “

Now she’s in full-on meltdown mode — and this industrial-strength comfort eating has people terrified she may be killing herself!

Ellen DeGeneres attends the premiere of Green Eggs And Ham wearing a blue shirt

Gossip Cop’s Take

This tabloid has a long history of policing the bodies of famous women and can be downright cruel if it suspects even the slightest gain in weight. A few months back, the outlet claimed that “tubby” Tyra Banks had supposedly gained a worrying amount of weight. Then there was the supermarket magazine’s report on Hilary Clinton’s weight gain. Again and again, this tabloid has shamed women, who are by all measures some of the most successful people in their fields, for any apparent weight gain, which is simply sickening.

The testimony from the doctors and experts is worthless since they’ve likely never even met DeGeneres, let alone treated her, which the tabloid begrudgingly admits to. There’s also the false claim that DeGeneres pushed the “blame” onto producers. Accounts from former and current employees on The Ellen DeGeneres Show indicated that much of the abusive behavior came from the now-fired producers. DeGeneres also acknowledged in a statement that she was part of the problem as well and admitted that she could have done better by her staff to prevent what took place. She took responsibility, and it’s unfair and inaccurate for the tabloid to suggest otherwise.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.

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