Angelina Jolie is stalked by hurtful rumors that she’s starving herself. Tabloids frequently claim, without a shred of hard evidence, that Brad Pitt-related stress causes Jolie to restrict her eating. Jolie does not and has not starved herself over Pitt, it’s just a terrible trope tabloids use because she’s famous and thin. Here are some rumors Gossip Cop has busted about Jolie starving.

Doctors Warn Her: Eat Or Die

18 months ago NW ran a cover story claiming Jolie had been starving herself for 34 days and counting. After a humanitarian trip to Colombia, “she was faint, dizzy and breathless, and rumor has it staff sneaked her off to a hospital suspecting she was near-starving.” A so-called source called it a “hunger strike due to all the stress in her life.’ Gossip Cop will point out that this isn’t what a hunger strike is. An individual in Jolie’s camp assured us that Jolie was not admitted to the hospital after her trip to Colombia, so the story was bogus.

Eating Rehab

A few months later, NW was at it again. It said Jolie had reached her “lowest weight yet" after sending her eldest son Maddox to college. Her ongoing divorce with Pitt wasn’t helping either. The Hackers star was supposedly sent to a 24/7 recovery clinic to help regain her strength. “Frail Ange” as this tabloid called her was not frail at all, for the story was made-up. Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Jolie who assured us she had not checked into rehab for an eating disorder.

Down To 99 Pounds

The National Enquirer got conspicuously specific in its story about Jolie going on a hunger strike to get custody of her children. The Gone In 60 Seconds star was only eating “handfuls of grains and nuts” in the hope that Pitt would cease his custody claim when he saw how “dangerously low” her weight is. It spoke to a “nutrition expert” and a “longevity expert” for top quotes on how starvation is bad for your health. Gossip Cop busted this story by noting these experts “have not treated Angelina Jolie,” and that 99 was an extremely specific number that only real doctors or Jolie herself would know.

Pitt And Aniston Friendship Leads To More Starvation

At this point, you’ll see the basic story remains the same and only the motivation will change. This time the National Enquirer claimed it was Pitt’s relationship with Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Poturalski that had cause Jolie to starve herself. The tabloid said Pitt only started seeing the “younger version” of Jolie as some sort of direct slight against Jolie.

This story was wrong for so many reasons. Pitt wasn’t flaunting Poturalski at all, he hadn’t even publicly acknowledged her, and the reunion with Aniston at the Fast Times at Ridgemont High virtual table read was greatly exaggerated. Jolie has a thick skin and doesn’t starve herself at every sign of strife.

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